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Rooting Guide for Steelers 2023 NFL Draft picks: Week 17

Not that it is condoned but here’s a list of teams to cheer for if you want the Steelers to get the highest pick possible in the 2023 Draft.

Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T. Ludwig/Getty Images

Hear me out. I want the Steelers to win every week, and I don’t believe that I would ever root against them. But fans do want to know where they sit as far as draft position goes in 2023. Again, I really hope the Steelers pick in the 20s. With that probably not being a possibility and my unwillingness to root against them, I could root for certain teams to win to help Pittsburgh’s draft standing. But now it’s about an unthinkable playoff push. So here is a rooting guide that would help the Steelers keep pace, even with the Steelers winning contests.

First, let’s take a look at the current draft positions as found on Tankathon.

No. 1) Houston Texans

Last Week No. 1 - No Change

2-12-1 (Won 1 - Week 16 win over Tennessee)

Remaining Games: Jacksonville, at Indianapolis

No. 2) Chicago Bears

Last Week No. 2 - No Change

3-12 (Lost 8 - Week 16 loss to Buffalo)

Remaining Games: at Detroit, Minnesota

No. 3) Seattle Seahawks via Denver Broncos

Last Week No. 3 - No Change

Broncos 4-11 (Lost 1 - Week 16 loss to Los Angeles Rams)

Denver’s Remaining Games: at Kansas City, Los Angeles Chargers

No. 4) Arizona Cardinals

Last Week No. 5 - Up 1 Spots

4-11 (Lost 5 - Week 16 loss to Tampa Bay)

Remaining Games: at Atlanta, at San Francisco

No. 5) Indianapolis Colts

Last Week No. 6 - Up 1 Spot

4-9-1 (Lost 4 - Week 16 vs. Los Angeles Chargers)

Remaining Games: at New York Giants, at Indianapolis.

No. 6) Atlanta Falcons

Last Week No. 7 - Up 1 Spot

5-10 (Lost 4 - Week 16 loss to Baltimore)

Remaining Games: Arizona, Tampa Bay

No. 7) Detroit Lions via Los Angeles Rams

Last Week No. 4 - Up 3 Spots

Rams 5-10 (Won 1 - Week 16 win over Denver)

Los Angeles Ram’s Remaining Games: at Los Angeles Chargers, at Seattle

No. 8) Carolina Panthers

Last Week No. 8 - No Change

6-9 (Won 1 - Week 16 win vs. Detroit)

Remaining Games: at Tampa Bay, at New Orleans

No. 9) Las Vegas Raiders

Last Week No. 10 - Up 1 Spot

6-9 (Lost 1 - Week 16 loss to Pittsburgh)

Remaining Games: San Francisco, Kansas City Chiefs

No. 10) Philadelphia Eagles via New Orleans Saints

Last Week No. 9 - Down 1 Spot

Saints 6-9 (Won 2 - Week 16 win over Cleveland)

New Orleans’ Remaining Games: at Philadelphia, Carolina

No. 11) Houston Texans via Cleveland Browns

Last Week No. 12 - Up 1 Spot

Browns 6-9 (Lost 1 - Week 16 loss to New Orleans)

Cleveland Remaining Games: Washington, at Pittsburgh

No. 12) Seattle Seahawks

Last Week No. 15- Up 3 Spots

7-8 (Lost 3 - Week 16 loss to Kansas City)

Remaining Games: New York Jets, Los Angeles Rams

No. 13 Tennessee Titans

Last Week No. 20 - Up 7 Spots

7-9 (Lost 6 - Week 17 loss to Dallas)

Remaining Games: at Jacksonville

No. 14) New England Patriots

Last Week No. 16 - Up 2 Spots

7-8 (Lost 2 - Week 16 loss to Cincinnati)

Remaining Games: Miami, at Buffalo

No. 15) New York Jets

Last Week No. 17 - Up 2 Spots

7-8 (Lost 4 - Week 16 loss to Jacksonville)

Remaining Games: at Seattle, at Miami

No. 16) Pittsburgh Steelers

Last Week No. 13 - Down 3 Spots

7-8 (Won 2 - Week 16 win over Las Vegas)

Have pride or root for them to lose. You fan your way.

Remaining Games: at Baltimore, Cleveland

No. 17) Green Bay Packers

Last Week No. 14 - Down 3 Spots

7-8 (Won 3 - Week 16 win over Miami)

Remaining Games: Minnesota, Detroit

No. 18) Detroit Lions

Last Week No. 18 - No Change

7-8 (Won 1 - Week 16 loss to Carolina)

Remaining Games: Chicago, at Green Bay

No. 19) Jacksonville Jaguars

Last Week No. 11 - Down 8 Spots

7-8 (Won 3 - Week 16 win over New York Jets)

Remaining Games: at Houston, Tennessee

No. 20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Last Week No. 19 - Down 1 Spot

7-8 (Won 1 - Week 16 win over Arizona)

Remaining Games: Carolina, at Atlanta

No. 21) Washington Commanders

Last Week No. 21 - No Change

7-7-1 (Lost 2 - Week 16 loss to San Francisco)

Remaining Games: Cleveland, Dallas

No. 22 Miami Dolphins (Forfeited Pick)

Last Week No. 23 - Up 1 Spot

8-7 (Lost 4 - Week 16 loss to Green Bay)

Remaining Games: at New England, New York Jets

No. 23) Los Angeles Chargers

Last Week No. 22 - Down 5 Spots

8-6 (Won 2 - Week 16 vs. Indianapolis)

Remaining Games: Los Angeles Rams, at Denver

No. 24 New York Giants

Last Week No. 24 - Down 1 Spot

8-6-1 (Lost 1 - Week 16 loss to Minnesota)

Remaining Games: Indianapolis, at Philadelphia

No. 25 Baltimore Ravens

Last Week No. 25 - No Change

10-5 (Won 1 - Week 16 loss to Atlanta)

Remaining Games: Pittsburgh, at Cincinnati

No. 26 Denver Broncos via San Francisco 49ers

Last Week No. 26 - No Change

49ers 11-4 (Won 8 - Week 16 win over Washington)

San Francisco Remaining Games: at Las Vegas, Arizona

No. 27 Cincinnati Bengals

Last Week No. 27 - No Change

11-4 (Won 6 - Week 16 win over New England)

Remaining Games: Buffalo, Baltimore

No. 28 Dallas Cowboys

Last Week No. 28 - No Change

12-4 (Won 2 - Week 17 win over Tennessee)

Remaining Games: at Washington

No. 29 Kansas City Chiefs

Last Week No. 29 - No Change

12-3 (Won 3 - Week 16 win over Seattle)

Remaining Games: Denver, at Las Vegas

No. 30 Minnesota Vikings

Last Week No. 30 - No Change

12-3 (Won 2 - Week 16 win over New York Giants)

Remaining Games: at Green Bay, at Chicago

No. 31 Buffalo Bills

Last Week No. 31 - No Change

12-3 (Won 6 - Week 16 win over Chicago)

Remaining Games: at Cincinnati, New England

No. 32 Philadelphia Eagles

Last Week No. 32 - No Change

13-2 (Lost 1 - Week 16 loss to Dallas)

Remaining Games: New Orleans, New York Giants

Now, let’s take a peek at the games that directly affect the Steelers 2023 draft prospects. (Their prospects, not the actual collegiates).

Sunday, January 1st

Pittsburgh Steelers (7-8) at Baltimore Ravens (10-5)

Who to root for: Pittsburgh Steelers

Root for the Steelers at this point, and join the playoff push. But if you are in tank mode, I can’t tell you how to root.

Chicago Bears (3-12) at Detroit Lions (7-8)

Who to root for: Detroit Lions

If the Bears lose, and the Texans win, the Steelers will be in line for the top pick on Day 2 of the 2023 Draft. This is a no-brainer.

Jacksonville Jaguars (7-8) at Houston Texans (2-12-1)

Who to root for: Houston

The Jaguars are on a trajectory to winning their division, so losing to Houston won’t kill them. A Houston win is big for Pittsburgh.

Miami Dolphins (8-7) at New England Patriots (7-8)

Who to root for: Miami

If you want the Steelers to make the playoffs, Miami has got to lose. But if you are more concerned with draft position, well you know.

Cleveland Browns (6-9) at Washington Commanders (7-7-1)

Who to root for: Washington

Any of these teams losing affects draft position for the Steelers, so the default is to flush it down when it’s brown.

Minnesota Vikings (12-3) at Green Bay Packers (7-8)

Who to root for: Green Bay Packers

The Packers winning keeps them ahead of the Steelers even if the black and gold make the playoffs.