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Saturday Night Open Thread: The Steelers are livin’ on the edge of elimination

Come countdown the final moments of 2022 with some Steelers talk.

Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Gaelen Morse/Getty Images

It’s another Saturday night, and it’s the second consecutive “holiday eve” to finish out 2022. For this reason, I am stepping in to make sure those who are looking for a Saturday night open thread have the opportunity for some great Steelers discussion.

So here we go…

1. The Steelers are hanging on the edge of elimination. If just one other game had gone their way throughout the year things would be different. If you could take one loss from the Steelers in 2022 and replay that game at this point of the season, which one would you prefer? A list of games provided below (with the two games against teams who they actually do get again excluded).

Week 2 vs. New England Patriots
Week 4 vs. New York Jets
Week 5 at Buffalo Bills
Week 7 at Miami Dolphins
Week 8 at Philadelphia Eagles
Week 11 vs. Cincinnati Bengals

2. Mike Tomlin said this week, there are times when you could play a game one day and one team wins and it would have the opposite outcome the very next day. Since the bye, the Steelers are 5–2. Of those five wins, which one of them are you grateful that the Steelers don’t have to play again? Once again, a list is provided.

Week 10 vs. New Orleans Saints
Week 12 at Indianapolis Colts
Week 13 at Atlanta Falcons
Week 15 at Carolina Panthers
Week 16 vs. Las Vegas Raiders

3. If the NFL decided they wanted to shake up the divisions and swap out one team from each, which AFC North team are you voting off the island? Which other NFL team would you like to bring into the AFC North to replace them?

4. Following up on the previous question, what if it was the Steelers who were voted out of the AFC North? Which division would you place them in and which team would they replace?

5. Depending where you are in the world or what time you’ve joined into the discussion, you’re either in the final hours of 2022 or already celebrated the incoming year. What are your plans (or what did you do) for the final minutes of the new year and the initial seconds of 2023?

Hopefully I didn’t disappoint too much in my substitute role so make sure you come back next week when things are hopefully back to normal.