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Knee Jerk Reaction to the Steelers 19-16 win over the Falcons in Week 13

The Steelers were able to stack wins for the first time in the 2022 season.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Knee-jerk reactions are immediate responses to a situation without taking the time to analyze the situation. That’s something as sports fans that we typically do. Especially if you are a full blood Yinzer, or even just a part Yinzer. As is the custom, I compile my knee-jerk thoughts and publish them immediately after each Steelers game (my son Kyle might have a few things to say as well). It’s my version of running my mouth first and apologizing later (or not). So with that being said, I’m going to employ that philosophy here during Week 13 of the NFL Regular Season.

1st Quarter

  • Steelers will receive the opening kickoff. Here we go!
  • Steelers start with three straight runs and gain 13 or 14 yards. Like seeing the offensive line starting out moving guys.
  • Muth converts the 2nd first down of the game.
  • Nice catch Steven Sims......maybe. It’s being challenged. Okay so not a nice catch.
  • Muth again on 3rd down.
  • Kenny misread on that RPO, should have given it to Najee.
  • That third and 15 throw was 5 yards short Muth.
  • Matthew Wright from 46 yards, doinks the right upright but skims it through. Steelers 3, Falcons 0.
  • Sutton with a nice break up.
  • The defense does its thing and the Falcons will punt.
  • Sims muffs the fair catch, but luckily was able to get it back.
  • A couple first downs gets the Steelers out towards midfield.
  • End of the first quarter. Steelers 3, Falcons 0.

2nd Quarter.

  • Pickett was a little high or it’s a TD Muth.
  • Diontae drops the third down pass, Steelers to try a field goal. It’s good. Steelers 6 Falcons 0.
  • Don't like seeing the defense give up a big run there.
  • The defense is letting them drive it right down the field.
  • Wallace breaks up a pass, but looks to be favoring his arm.
  • Cameron Heyward!!! Get down Mr. President.
  • The Falcons hit a field goal. Steelers 6, Falcons 3.
  • Muth with a monster gain on third down. The Steelers are now in the red zone.
  • Follow that up with Dotson starting early.
  • Pickett with a nice touch pass to Connor Hayward for the touchdown. Steelers 13, Falcons 3.
  • Falcons first play is a pretty big play into Steelers territory.
  • The Steelers hold on the next three plays to force a field goal try. It's good. Steelers 13, Falcons 6.
  • The offense is already back out on the field and driving. I am liking what I'm seeing offensively from the Steelers so far. The only thing that would make it better is more touchdowns.
  • Steelers settling for a field goal try again. It's good. Steelers 16, Falcons 6.
  • The Steelers have scored on every one of their drives so far. That part I like but the touchdown to field goal ratio is not good.
  • Steelers are going to play soft zone and looks like they'll probably end up giving up yardage to field goal range.
  • Back-to-back plays of over 10 yards for the Falcons.
  • Three incompletions follow and the Steelers will actually get the ball back.
  • The Steelers just hand it to Najee and then let the clock run out. Halftime score Steelers 16, Falcons 6.

3rd Quarter

  • Edmunds makes a nice play, but is now down on the turf. Looks like he might have landed on the running backs foot.
  • After giving up one first down the defense holds and the offense will get the ball back.
  • The Steelers do get a first down right away. Nice to not see a quick three and out to start the third quarter on offense.
  • Diontae did a good job making that catch and getting up the field quickly.
  • Betty Snell with a nice catch for a first down, add on a horse collar tackle and the Steelers are deep into Falcons territory.
  • A penalty then hurts. The drive stalls and the Steelers try a field goal. Steelers 19, Falcons 6.
  • It was good to see the Steelers drive the ball and score points in the third quarter.
  • The defense is giving up runs now.
  • The defense gives up the touchdown. When the offense is only scoring field goals the defense needs to hold to field goals. Steelers 19, Falcons 13.
  • Thank goodness the third quarter is over is the offense already faces a third and eight. Steelers 19, Falcons 13.

4th Quarter

  • Diontae catches the 3rd down pass and then fumbles it. Talk about a momentum changer.
  • Wow. Somehow that fumble was overturned and Big Press is on to punt.
  • Falcons moving it to easily.
  • The defense has given up about 100 yards rushing in the 2nd half.
  • Falcons going on 4th and 1. I figure they'll convert this. They do pretty easily.
  • Falcons pounding it down the Steelers throat on the ground.
  • Falcons score but there's a flag. Please be a hold, please be a hold, please be a hold. And it was a hold, thank goodness.
  • Another penalty on the Falcons and they are second and goal on the 22.
  • 3rd and goal at the 10 is incomplete. The Falcons will attempt to field goal. Steelers 19, Falcons 16.
  • With 5 and 1/2 minutes to play it's time for the offense to get this ball and milk this clock and then score a touchdown.
  • The Steelers have made a couple of first downs and are just into Falcons territory. We've hit the two-minute warning. Time to finish this off on offense.
  • Diontae catches a first down out of the 2 minute warning.
  • The only thing I don't like about that bootleg they just did with Pickett is that he really had no option of anyone to throw the ball to.
  • The Steelers are actually going to punt the ball here. That is a little confusing to me as they were on the very far edge of field goal range.
  • Steelers down the punt at the 2 yard line.
  • Minkah picks it off and runs out of bounds so the Steelers can kneel on it.
  • Victory formation for the Steelers.
  • 3-2-1 WIN! The Steelers maged their short stack with the 19-16 win.

There you have it, my knee jerks. so I will sit on this for a day or two, analyze it and then talk about it on The Scho Bro Show Tuesday night. CAN’T WAIT!!!