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3 must-watch games for Steelers fans in Week 14

There are several NFL games this week which Steelers fans could be interested in the outcome.

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers are looking to stack wins three high after getting their first back-to-back wins of 2022. With plenty other NFL games happening throughout Week 14, there are several games Steelers’ fans may want to keep track of. This week, the most intriguing matchups all come from the AFC.

First off, lets check out how the three games from last week ended up. Of the three games, two finished within one score and the other saqw three touchdowns which weren’t scored by the offense. When it comes to the betting lines for the game, the following information is the current consensus spread this week as reported by DraftKings Sportsbook.

Denver Broncos (9) at Baltimore Ravens (10)

This game went over 59 minutes without seeing a touchdown scored. With Lamar Jackson out, the Ravens had to convert two fourth downs on their final drive in order to go ahead by one point with 30 seconds remaining. Even doing so, it took Denver’s 63-yard field goal coming up short for the Ravens to secure the victory.

Cleveland Browns (27) at Houston Texans (14)

If the Cleveland Browns are playing almost any other team in the NFL, they likely would have got hammered in this game. Deshaun Watson looked like a player who hadn’t played football with nearly two years, and it’s how the majority of fans want to see it. Cleveland scored three touchdowns, but they all came from outside of the offense. Two touchdowns were scored by the defense and another was on a punt return. Cleveland’s offense did manage two field goals, but one of them was after a fumble recovery on a punt and they didn’t even get a first down before kicking. The Browns offense did manage to score two points for the Texans in the form of a safety. As a Steelers fan, seeing the Browns struggle offensively is exactly what we’re looking for.

Kansas City Chiefs (24) at Cincinnati Bengals (27)

This was a rematch of the AFC championship game and brought about the same score. There’s just something about the Bengals that they have the Chiefs’ number. But if anything else, this gives Cincinnati a lot of confidence going in the last five games of the season.

For Week 14, here are the three games which I think are the most much-watch games, whether or not they affect the Steelers:

Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals

Sunday at 1:00 PM on CBS
Spread: CIN (-5.5)

Despite both teams coming off of a win last week, Cincinnati’s was impressive while Cleveland’s had more to do with their opponent. This game has Cincinnati hoping to grab a hold of the AFC North lead while a loss for the Browns would dig them into a pretty serious hole much like the Steelers. And since Cleveland got the best of the Bengals early in the season, it’ll be interesting to see how Cincinnati responds much like what happened with Pittsburgh. But if the Browns pull this one off on the road, then they are looking to stay relevant for the rest of the season.

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills

Sunday at 1:00 PM on CBS
Spread: BUF (-10)

This is another divisional matchup where the underdog got the road victory earlier in the season much like with Cleveland and Cincinnati. The Jets are trying to hold onto the last playoff spot in the AFC and the Bills are trying to hold onto the top spot in the conference. This should be a fun one to keep track of and would be one I would watch if it were not at the same time as the Steelers game.

Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Chargers

Sunday at 8:20 PM on NBC
Spread: MIA (-3.5)

There weren’t a lot of other intriguing matchups this week, and this one features two AFC teams in the Wild Card hunt although the Dolphins are trying to push for their division. While the Steelers are still not at the level to be looking at the postseason, if they continue to succeed then they will be looking ahead. This game actually will determine some of where things will fall in the weeks to come if Steelers fans will be given the hope of looking that way.

So there are the three main matchups which I believe Steelers fans would see as a must-watch game. This week, I just went with what I thought were some interesting games that may impact the AFC playoff picture in weeks to come.

Obviously Steelers games are the ones fans care the most about, but there is other good football to be watched. Which of these other games will be the one you will check in on the most? Make sure you vote in the poll and give your thoughts in the comments below.


Other than the Steelers game, what is the biggest must-watch NFL game of Week 14?

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    Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals
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    New York Jets at Buffalo Bills
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  • 19%
    Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Chargers
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