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Bengals vs. Rams: Super Bowl LVI Second Half Open Thread

Late game of the season edition.

NFL: FEB 13 Super Bowl LVI - Pregame Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Rams (12-5) at Bengals (10-7) at the Rams, or something.

The Rams are a four and a half point favorites. If this is was treated like a normal game, they would be getting three for being at home. Somehow though the Bengals are hosting this one, only in the Rams’ house. I’m confused, but I suppose Vegas thinks it’ll be a good one, I hope they are correct.

The Bengals have bungled their way into playing their best ball at just the right time. Us Steelers fans are going to have to get used to Cincinnati being good again. I was a fan of the last Bengals Super Bowl teams. Boomer, the Sugar huddle, Ickey, and his shuffle, (his shuffle commercial came on while I was writing this, so maybe it is the year of the tiger?) made The Jungle a hard place to steal a victory. They would have one Super Bowl victory if there defensive tackle, Tim Krumrie’s ankle hadn’t broken in a freak, but football way. He was completely dominating that game. The 49ers scored 14 points after he left the game to win 20-16.

I really don’t care who wins this one. I don’t hate the Bengals anymore, and it’d be nice for Stafford to get one.