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Saturday Night Steelers Open Thread: Water is Wet Edition

Come and join this merry band of Steelers’ faithful for some lively debate about our Steelers, good food and the merits of the odd cold beverage.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Philadelphia Eagles Set Number: X80903 TK1 R2 F80

Things I learned, or remembered, this week...

  • Winter sucks
  • Snow sucks
  • Freezing rain really sucks

Having to commute an hour one way, every day, in these winter conditions is proof that I was an even worse human in my last life than this one...

Dogs can make anyone smile!

1. Brian Flores is a member of the Steelers! This topic can go in so many directions, so have at it, but please leave any negative comments regarding race out of them...

2. Jameis Laneed Winston has become the latest flavor of the week for the quarterback next season. Play General Manager for the night, do you try to sign him? If so, why and at what terms are you offering? If not, why not?

3. Does Devin Bush recover completely this offseason and become the force we hoped he would be when the Steelers moved up to get him? Random thought, do you remember where you were when you found out the Steelers traded up to get him?

4. Brad “don’t call me ‘licker’ or ‘the weasel’” Marchand got 6 games for his response to Tristen Jarry’s comment of “HOW ABOUT THAT F****NG SAVE!!”. Did the NHL get it right?

Bonus Random but unrelated the DOPS (Department of Player Safety) still a joke?

5. I am guessing that many of you had a bad hangover or big food baby come Monday. As such, how do you deal with either?