First, a refresher: September 5, 2021, one week before our first game against the Bills. It was a surprisingly cold and windy night, and here I was minding my own business just reading and nicely commenting on BTSC, as I always do. Here comes Flip with his, um, realistic takes telling me we wouldn't win more than 6 games this year. I scoffed and said 10 wins easily. Some back and forth ensued, and finally a bet was made - 6 wins or less and Flip won, 8 or more and I won, with 7 being a push. The loser bought the winner dinner at a place the loser chose and decided what the meal would be. I said I'd be eating like a king week 11 and he said week 11 we lose and would only be at 4 wins. (btw week 11 we lost to the Chargers but had already won 5. Win/Win? You decide).

Fast forward to week 15 when we hit 7 wins by absolutely annihilating the Titans by 6. We then barely lost the following weekend to the Chiefs by 26, putting us at 7-7-1 with the Browns and Ravens on the schedule to finish the season. Flip was sure we'd lose the last two but did I waver? Hell no! I believe I went as far as telling him when I hit 8 wins that I didn't want the meal unless they made the playoffs (yeah damn right I said it). We all know the ending to that story. Even then, it didn't feel right to make a fellow Steelers fan pay that bet so I waffled a bit, even though he probably deserved it for all his negativity and debbie downer rhetoric realism all year.

To his credit, Flip hounded me to let him pay his debt to me, a Fisher always pays his debts after all. A couple guys here came up with the hashtag #feedreno and it was plastered all over the boards. Damn that was a fun time. Anyway, I finally relented and we emailed back and forth and finally, tonight, I had a meal made for kings at BJ's BBQ here in Sparks, NV. Well done Flip! And you didn't even get all petty and order the worst stuff you could think of, you really made it right. Ribs, Pulled Pork, Chicken, Potato Salad, Beans and Corn Bread. Not only was it fantastic but was made even sweeter knowing it was done out of debt love for your fellow fan. Plus you made my wife feel better about the guy I met on the internet who was buying me dinner lol.

This probably doesn't matter a lick to any of you other than me and Flip, but I had a great time over the season and thought I'd commemorate that bet here briefly to not only show that hope and positivity can reward, but it can also....#FEEDRENO!

Also, start coming up with your own bets for Flip next year. That grub was delicious!

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