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A look back at the Steelers week that was: GM Speak edition

BTSC’s random-thought renegade is back with his bizarre look at the Steelers week that was.

NFL: FEB 08 Super Bowl LVI - Super Bowl Experience Photo by Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Steelers season ended weeks ago, but there’s plenty of news coming out of the Steel City. BTSC continues their recap of the past week’s events for our readers. But where they went wrong was asking the one narcissistic writer that would put a bizarre spin on it to do it. So, let’s all take a look at a BAD week in the ‘burgh together.

Monday 2/21

  • Kevin Colbert met with the media and discussed a number of topics, nothing turf-shattering though. The most telling thing that caught my attention was the GM’s regret that he didn’t add a veteran offensive lineman to the mix in the 2020 offseason. This is a huge revelation and I doubt that the same mistake will be made in the leadup to the 2022 campaign. Ironically, I experienced the exact opposite when my starter wife added extra dudes to the mix, hastening my free agency.

Tuesday 2/22

  • Although I’m risking excommunication by some of the powers that be at BTSC, I have two reasons to bring up the renewed Pittsburgh Maulers first draft pick. It’s a slow Steelers news day and I loved the Maulers as a kid in 1984. I’m already on the knockoff websites looking for a Kyle Lauletta jersey.

Wednesday 2/23

  • If Troy Aikman ends up on ESPN with Joe Buck, it would finally bring big names and credibility back to the Monday Night Football booth. Personally, I pine for the days of Giff, Cosell and Dandy Don... but I suppose this will do.

Thursday 2/24

  • Carson Wentz rumors to the Steelers are being floated about. Maybe this pushes the Jimmy G. rumors back a bit.

Friday 2/25

  • The new HC and GM of the Tampa Bay Bandits Todd Haley posted a pic of two of his “slim and trim” former Steelers offensive linemen. I’m sure he tried to lure both players to the USFL, but a contract rich with Arby’s Beef ‘N Cheddars probably won’t cut it. Besides the three are obviously not on the same page with the coach looking at a different camera than the players. There’s no truth to the rumor that the former Steelers OC coaxed the two “big men” to accompany him to a redemption trip to Tequilla Cowboy.

Saturday 2/26

  • The Steelers announced more names for their GM search. This is the equivalent to going out with my wife to pick out a dress. It may last years and disrupt millions of lives. At least they’re being thorough.

This was the significant week that was for the Steelers, mixed-in with my black-and-gold loving life. I’m sure next week will be full of Steelers happenings as well, so we’ll have to do this again. Have a great week, but better yet have a BAD one.