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2022 NFL Pro Bowl: News and Open Thread

Roomba Edition.

NFL: Pro Bowl Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

AFC at NFC in Las Vegas baby!

The Steelers send four players. Okay, two and two replacements. Not surprisingly T.J. Watt is one and Cam Heyward is the other. Also it’s not a surprise the two are defensive players.

T.J. had a record setting season, and DPOY award or not, he was the best defensive player in the NFL this season.

Cam was Cam 2.0 this year. It makes sense the son of Iron-head was an iron-man all year. I can only imagine what the defense would have looked like if Cam hadn’t lost his top two running mates early on. I imagine, pretty dominating.

The first replacement, Diontae Johnson, who before he reverted to his norm by putting some balls on the ground in the last couple of games, had a legitimate shot at a Pro Bowl spot. Here’s hoping he’ll learn from those high pressure drops, and put in as much work to avoid those, as he did to virtually eliminate drops from his game in the first place.

Najee gets the second replacement spot. I think it’s safe to say, if the Steelers fix the offensive line, we’ll be seeing Najee as a pretty regular pro bowler.