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It’s okay if the Pittsburgh Steelers don’t find a quarterback this year

There’s a lot of buzz for the Steelers finding a new quarterback... But this still might not be the year

Pittsburgh Steelers v New York Jets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

It is obvious to any NFL fan that the Pittsburgh Steelers need an upgrade at quarterback. You simply can't win a championship without extremely talented quarterback play. And we can be honest with ourselves, neither Mason Rudolph or Dwayne Haskins are more than a decent backup. So the fix is simple right? The Steelers just need to acquire a quarterback this offseason and their problems will be fixed?

Well...not so fast. If the Steelers don't find the right quarterback they will simply just be putting themselves further into the hole.

The Steelers need to find a quarterback when the time is right and the rest of the roster is ready for an upgrade at quarterback play. Rushing a quarterback, especially a rookie, onto this roster without addressing the offensive line in a serious way will get that quarterback beaten into a pulp and likely have their confidence shot. Adding a veteran quarterback really doesn't make things better for the Steelers either. If the team uses their entire salary cap space on a gunslinger, they will still have the exact same problems. Seriously, unless the Steelers can knock free agency and the draft out of the park, the timing on a quarterback move just doesn't seem right.

The best things the Steelers can do is bolster their roster with available funds and take the right players in the draft. And really the best way to land a quarterback is to hit a home run in the draft with five years of cheap and controlled play at a position that a veteran could quickly earn more than 40 million per year.

The perfect rebuild for the Steelers probably looks as follows: Sign and draft players to fill their gaping holes on the offensive and defensive line, a corner (or two), and probably a linebacker and somehow do that all in this offseason. Then they survive with the quarterbacks already on this roster for a year before going to the quarterback well in the 2023 or 2024 draft class. But again, they have to be selecting the right player.

It is okay for the Steelers to go one year with Mason Rudolph under center. Is it ideal? No. But fixing the flaws on this team won't happen all in one year. That’s just the unfortunate nature of a rebuild. So, wasting the cheap years of a rookie quarterback doesn't make sense to do right now, especially if it means that rookie has to run for his life. But what do you think? Should the Steelers wait on the right quarterback or do they have to add somebody here and now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.