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The Steelers can still upgrade their coaching staff

The Steelers still have time to make some upgrades within their coaching ranks.

Indianapolis Colts v Pittsburgh Steelers

I know some of Steelers nation is unhappy about another internal hire at the defensive coordinator position when the organization gave Teryl Austin the promotion. How that move turns out won't actually be known until next fall, but until we get that far the Pittsburgh Steelers still have to round out the rest of their coaching staff.

The Steelers obviously need an offensive line coach, and they may need someone to take over for Austin as the defensive backs coach, unless they promote Grady Brown to the full-time position. While it would also be really nice for the Pittsburgh Steelers to add some more assistants to the coaching ranks, they have to hire someone to man the offensive line ship regardless.

I think the Steelers need to hire a superstar level coach and someone that can easily make an impact with this young, impressionable unit. The obvious coach that jumps to the top of the pile is former Steelers offensive line coach, Mike Munchak. Munchak finds himself on the open market after the Broncos cleared house and Vic Fangio’s staff was sent packing. This is obviously the dream hire for all Steelers fans as Coach ‘Munch’ made the last great Steelers offensive line what is was and pulled Pro Bowl level play out of guys like Alejandro Villanueva and Kelvin Beachum. The bottom line is Coach Munchak is the exactly what the doctor ordered for the Steelers, if he is willing to return.

However, if Coach Munchak is content not coaching and just spending time with his family in Denver, the Steelers are far from out of options. But they still need to hire someone that will command the respect out of a locker room. Maybe someone like Doug Marrone, the current Alabama Crimson Tide offensive line coach,would be a great addition to the coaching staff as he has multiple stops as a head coach in the NFL and many other accolades under his belt. This is the level of coach I want the Steelers to try and obtain this offseason.

The only other option that would really intrigued me is if the Steelers brought in someone on the opposite end of the spectrum and hired someone that was really young, like a recently retired player that is respected league-wide. Or a young mind that views the game differently. But even this feels like a bit of a stretch to me. What the Steelers need is a change up the status quo and not be afraid to spend money on its coaching staff.

But what do you think? Should the Steelers ‘Go Big’ when it comes to rounding out their coaching staff? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.