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Grading the Pittsburgh Steelers signing of Mitchell Trubisky

Putting a grade on the acquisition of the former Bears and Bills quarterback via free agency.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers entered the 2022 NFL league year with only one quarterback under contract on their offseason roster. Steelers fans know that is none other than Mason Rudolph. However, with the legal tampering period starting Monday, the Steelers were looking to add to the position, and did so by signing Mitchell Trubisky to a two-year contract.

In case you were wondering what Trubisky has accomplished in his time in the league, here are some of his career statistics and highlights:


Games: 57
Win/Loss (Regular Season): 29-21
Yards: 10,652
TD: 64
INT: 38
Completion %: 64.1
Yards/Attempt: 6.7
Sacks: 111
Rating: 87.0


  • 2018 NFC Pro Bowl Selection
  • 2nd overall pick by the Chicago Bears in 2017
  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 220lbs
  • 4 Years with the Bears
  • 1 Year (2021) with the Bills
  • Age: 27, will be 28 on August 20

After reviewing that information, and your general thoughts on Trubisky, the question becomes how you feel about the acquisition. Judging by Steelers Twitter and comments on this website, fans are rather split on bringing Trubisky in as a free agent addition.

This is where we take a look at the move itself. Clearly you cannot judge Trubisky on the field until he actually takes the field as a member of the Steelers, but you absolutely can grade the Steelers’ decision to bring in Trubisky.

As for this writer, I had no problem with the Steelers bringing in the former Chicago Bears draft pick, and this is before I even see the financials behind the two-year contract. The Steelers wanted to add to the talent at the position, and they obviously weren’t willing to trust in Mason Rudolph and/or Dwayne Haskins. So, rather than re-sign Joshua Dobbs, or his equivalent, they made an improvement.

Shortly after this article was written, the financials were released for Trubisky, and they were better than I thought.

The Steelers getting Trubisky for roughly $7 million a year, with more upside than Rudolph, makes me look at this deal in an even brighter light.

You might believe this wasn’t an improvement, but it at least gives the team options at the most important position in all of professional sport. I’m not about to believe Trubisky is the future at the position, but if he fits Matt Canada’s offense it can keep the team competitive, and buy them time until they find their next quarterback.

At the same time, I’m not about to close the door and believe Trubisky can’t resurrect his game, just like Ryan Tannehill did when he left Miami for Tennessee. We are basing all of our opinions on Trubisky’s previous stops, not with the Steelers. But back to the move itself, I liked the Steelers getting the best free agent quarterback on the market.

Considering the options weren’t all that great, I liked the Steelers didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

Grade: B

What do you grade the acquisition? Let us know by voting in the poll below, and be sure to explain your grade in the comment section below. Stay tuned to BTSC for all the latest news and notes surrounding the Steelers as they press on throughout free agency.


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