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Complete list of Pittsburgh Steelers 2022 NFL Draft picks

With the designation of compensatory picks for 2022, the Steelers now know the slot for all seven of their selections.

NFL: NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, the NFL announced the compensatory draft picks for the 2022 NFL draft coming up in April. These picks are based off players gained and lost in free agency during the 2021 offseason.

Now that these picks are known along with the number of selections which will occur in Round 3 through Round 7, all of the Pittsburgh Steelers 2022 NFL draft picks can be determined.

The Steelers draft selections by overall pick and by round are as follows:

Round 1: 20 (1-20)
Round 2: 52 (2-20)
Round 3: 84 (3-20)
Round 4: 138 (4-33; compensatory)
Round 6: 208 (6-29; from Chiefs)
Round 7: 225 (7-4; from Jets)
Round 7: 241 (7-20)

Previously, only the first three rounds were known as the compensatory designation would not affect any of those selections. The Steelers still held all of their first three draft picks for 2022 and knew the selections would be the 20th pick of each round.

When the deadline passed last May for players to count as compensatory free agents (CFAs), it was estimated the Steelers would be receiving two selections with one in the third round and one in the fifth round. After the Steelers traded for cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon, it added another CFA to the equation and canceled out the possible fifth-round pick. With Bud Dupree missing part of the 2021 season due to injury, his snap count total dropped low enough to move him out of the third round but be the first compensatory draft pick in Round 4.

The Steelers do not have their own fourth round pick for 2022 because they traded it in the 2021 NFL draft to move into the fifth round to select Isaiahh Loudermilk. The Steelers fifth-round selection was traded to the New York Jets in 2020 in exchange for their seventh-round pick when the Steelers added Avery Williamson before the trade deadline. For this reason, the Steelers are not scheduled to make a selection in the fifth round in 2022.

After trading away their sixth-round pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars for Joe Schobert last preseason, the Steelers added a sixth-round selection from the Kansas City Chiefs when they traded Melvin Ingram last season. With the Chiefs having two sixth-round picks at the time, their own and the Baltimore Ravens’ selection, it was considered a conditional draft pick because it was unclear in which slot the Steelers would be. The Chiefs also traded their other Round 6 pick to the Minnesota Vikings last offseason, and in likely had already been negotiated with the Chiefs to be the higher of the two selections based on where each selection fell due to the 2021 season. Therefore, the Steelers ended up with the lower of the two picks that at one time belonged to the Chiefs.

The one round in which the Steelers have two selections is in the final round of the draft. The Steelers hold their own seventh-round selection as well as the previously discussed seventh-round pick of the New York Jets.

When looking at the selections by day, the Steelers will have one pick on Day 1, two picks on Day 2, and four picks on Day 3 on the 2022 draft.

Stay tuned to Behind The Steel Curtain as the Pittsburgh Steelers continue to navigate free agency and prepare for the 2022 NFL draft.