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The Steelers are not hiding their interest in Malik Willis

The Steelers want Malik Willis on their team and they are making it obvious for the world to see

Old Dominion v Liberty Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a team of tradition and history, but it is quickly becoming a tradition that they show the world their interest in NFL Draft prospects. Much like they did with Alabama’s Najee Harris a year ago, the team has honed in on Liberty Flames quarterback Malik Willis. They gushed over him at the Senior Bowl, the 2022 NFL Combine, and they are doing it again at Liberty’s Pro Day. Not only that but reports of Mike Tomlin taking Willis out for dinner came out on Tuesday. Plain and simple the Steelers know who they want.

The problem becomes whether Willis makes it anywhere near the Steelers 20th overall pick (or if they trade up) but with how interested the Steelers are in Willis I begin to worry that some other team will jump the Steelers to get their guy. At some point the Steelers lack of secrecy will bite them. Since the Steelers are actively looking for their next franchise quarterback, this lack of secrecy couldn't have come at a worse time because some quarterback-needy team will think to themselves “why are the Steelers interested and should we be?” Seriously, the team needs to make it less obvious at how they track their draft prospects.

The addition of Mitch Trubisky means the Steelers don't necessarily need to draft a quarterback, but given Malik Willis’ age (22) and where he struggles he could definitely use a red-shirt year of sorts. There is nothing stopping the Pittsburgh Steelers from drafting Willis if he gets to them. But that is the problem ‘IF’ he can make it to 20. As I mentioned above, the Steelers are going to drive up Willis’ value just by their own interest.

Malik Willis is a talented prospect with a rocket arm and the ability to take off, so he could be the prototypical mobile NFL passer. He needs some time to be seasoned, but the Steelers would offer him just that. I expect the Steelers to draft the best prospect available with the 20th overall pick (or a wide receiver if they don't sign one...) but if Willis makes it to 20 I have a hard time believing they go in any other direction.

But what do you think? Is it frustrating that the Pittsburgh Steelers continuously unveil their draft plans for the world to see? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.