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Steelers Podcast: All the latest from the BTSC family of Pittsburgh Steelers podcasts, Thursday edition

Get the latest BTSC podcast content in the ‘Podcast Roundup’.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers seasons come and go with no real offseason, at least not for those diehard fans. For those fans, the preseason bleeds into the regular season, the regular season into the offseason, free agency and the NFL Draft. It is a vicious, never-ending cycle.

Nonetheless, we here at BTSC, and our podcast platform, are here with you every step of the way. In the past we have given you the podcasts in individual articles on the website but have decided to go with a ‘Podcast Roundup’ article which has the latest three podcasts for your enjoyment. The reasoning behind this is to take up less space on the site for the great written content we have at BTSC.

Nonetheless, enjoy the shows below with a brief description of each show.

The War Room: The Steelers’ path to the draft is getting clearer

The Steelers made a big dent in free agency and the massive haul of incoming players will have an effect on how the draft sorts out. Where they will go and what positions that they will select seem a lot clearer after the first wave of free agency. Check out the BTSC’s Aussie perspective and stay a while with Matt Peverell in The Steelers War Room. Join Matty P. for his solo show as he looks at possible future Steelers and examines the ins-and-outs of the Steelers dollars and “sense” situation when it comes to personnel.

Rundown of the show:

  • The Steelers current positional make up
  • The top FAs left from the top 100
  • A review of Malik Wills & Derek Stingley Jr. who have been mocked to the Steelers in recent days
  • Much More

Check out the BTSC’s Aussie perspective and stay a while with Matty in The Steelers War Room.

The Steelers Curtain Call: Can the Steelers Bear(cat) to not take a long look at Cincy?

The University of Cincinnati had a fantastic season making it to the BCS Final Four. There’s a lot of talent on the Bearcats, including the quarterback position. Who is in the Nati that the Steelers need to take a long, hard look at? It’s the show where Michael Beck and Geoffrey Benedict break down a black and gold off-season full of change in the manner in which they examine the enemy. Scenarios, questions and more will be pondered on the latest episode of the BTSC family of podcasts. This time around, Mike and Geoff welcome

preparing for the 2022 NFL Draft.

  • News and Notes
  • players that could advance to the pros as a Steeler
  • Special Guest:

Michael and Geoffrey walk you through everything you need to know regarding the Black-and-Gold.

The Steelers Stat Geek: Building a roster for a Super Bowl victory

The Steelers are diligently building a roster for 2022, but the black and gold need to figure out how a Super Bowl team is built. Were the championship teams of the Super Bowl Era made up more of homegrown draft picks, undrafted players, or free agent acquisitions? Thank goodness for the Stat Geek to break it all “dahn”. This is just one of the topics that will be discussed by Dave Schofield. on the Thursday episode of the AM podcast lineup. Join BTSC’s Editor as he pulls out the Steelers slide rule and geeks out only like he can.

Check out the rundown of the show:

  • Building a roster for a Super Bowl victory
  • and more geeky numbers!

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