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Top 8 takeaways from Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin speaking with the media

Both the general manager and head coach spoke with the media on Sunday ahead of the NFL league meetings this week.

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On Sunday current Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert and head coach Mike Tomlin both individually met with the Pittsburgh media ahead of the NFL league meetings this week in Florida. With both men being asked some of the same questions, here are the top eight topics discussed by either Colbert or Tomlin and their responses as reported by various sources:


One topic asked of both Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin was their approach to the quarterback position going into the 2022 season. Colbert discussed how the Steelers did not want to give up draft capital to add a veteran quarterback and how that made for a good fit to acquire Mitch Trubisky.

This per ESPN’s Brooke Pryor:

Even after the Steelers signed a free agent quarterback, this does not mean they have shut the door on drafting the position in 2022.

This per Pryor:

Head coach Mike Tomlin confirmed Colbert’s statement that the Steelers are still open to drafting a quarterback in April. For this reason, Tomlin has done his due diligence so far in attending pro days ahead of the draft.

This once again per Brooke Pryor:


General manager Kevin Colbert stated on Sunday that he feels the Steelers have 24 of their 25 starters, including special teams, currently on their roster. The one position the Steelers are still lacking is strong safety.

This per‘s Teresa Varley:

Stephon Tuitt

Upon discussing the Steelers starters, Colbert was asked if one of those is considered to be Stephon Tuitt. Colbert stated Tuitt is on the roster and the Steelers are looking forward to having him back, but also considers Chris Wormley as a starter due to his play during the 2021 season.

This per DKPittsburghSports’ Dale Lolley:

Since it was asked of Kevin Colbert, Mike Tomlin was also asked about Stephon Tuitt and his availability for 2022. Coach Tomlin is excited to get Tuitt back on the field, and he’s optimistic he will be returning but does not have any specific details to if this will definitely be the case.

This per Teresa Varley:

New General Manager

Since it has already been reported Kevin Colbert has been involved in the process of hiring a new general manager to take over for the Steelers following the 2022 NFL draft, he was asked about the GM search so far. According to Colbert, the first round of interviews have been concluded and the Steelers will be getting to round two following the draft.

This per Brooke Pryor:

Kendrick Green

Another specific player who was brought up in Mike Tomlin‘s time with the media was 2021 starting center, Kendrick Green. Tomlin was asked if he was open to moving Green to guard, a position where he played more in college. While Tomlin did not confirm that a move would definitely be taking place, he said he was open to the possibility in order to put the best unit on the field.

This per Teresa Varley:

Inside Linebackers

Rather than look at each individual player, coach Tomlin was asked about inside linebackers Myles Jack and Devin Bush. When discussing Jack, Coach Tomlin noted his excitement with joining the team as one of the things that really attracted them to him.

This per Teresa Varley:

As for Devin Bush, Coach Tomlin is hoping he will be making strides in 2022 after getting a year of playing time following his major knee surgery.

This again per Teresa Varley:

Brian Flores

Being the first time Coach Tomlin has spoken to the media since the end of the 2021 NFL season, it was his first opportunity to discuss the hiring of defensive assistant coach Brian Flores. Coach Tomlin said, much like Myles Jack, Brian Flores had a level of enthusiasm when it came to joining the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This per Teresa Varley:

Tomlin went on to discuss his relationship with Flores and how he did not want him to feel as if he was on an island.

This per Brook Pryor:

Coach Tomlin also went on to discuss the role of Brian Flores in the defense for this coming season. Although he has a specific title, Tomlin expects the contributions from Flores to be significant.

This per Brooke Pryor:

Pro Days

Both Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin made comments about the ongoing Pro Days they have been attending leading up to the 2022 NFL draft. In fact, Colbert is not at the meetings in Florida as he will be attending Pro Days this week.

This per Teresa Varley:

In discussing why he personally attends so many Pro Days, head coach Mike Tomlin gave some insight, as well as possibly another Tomlinism, as to why he attends so many. Tomlin also voiced his frustration in missing North Carolina’s Pro Day on Monday.

This per Brooke Pryor:

The Steelers front office has drawn some criticism from fans for making their intentions known to the rest of the league about how they want to proceed in the upcoming draft. When it comes to tipping their hand by attending certain Pro Days, Mike Tomlin is not concerned with hiding it.

This per The Athletic’s Mark Kaboly:

With the Steelers preparing for the 2022 NFL draft as well as continuing to work through free agency, there is a lot to unpack from the remarks of both Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin. Make sure you stay tuned to Behind The Steel Curtain for continued breakdown of both Colbert’s and Tomlin’s statements in the coming days.