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2022 NFL Scouting Combine Night 3: Schedule, how to watch, streaming information and more

The 2022 NFL combine is back in prime time for fans to watch all the testing on Saturday.

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NFL: Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Combine is half way through its prime time coverage and is rolling on into Saturday. Depending on how much you want to take in, being hafl way through testing is either good or bad. Now that the offense and special teams are complete, the rest of the Combine will be focusing on the defensive players eligible for the 2022 NFL draft. With no Combine in 2021, and 2020 being the first year in prime time, some may be tuning in for the first time and may not be sure what to expect. If you fall into that category, or have not been able to find a schedule for the event, BTSC is here to help!

All participants will perform six on-field drills regardless of position as well as the bench press. With the exception of special team players, position groups will also have additional drills specific to their designated position. In all, 324 players were invited to the combine to showcase their talents. Some players may chose to skip some or all the drills either due to injury or their desire to perform them at their individual school’s pro day.

With a change to some of the position-specific drills in 2020, a full list was provided two years ago. With no combine in 2021 due to the global pandemic, this will be the first year since the change and any adjustments to the position drills have not been announced. For this reason, the position-specific drills from the 2020 combine will be listed as they may be the same drills again in 2022.

Listed below is the remaining schedule for this year’s NFL combine, which position groups are scheduled for each day, and the specific drills for each position.

2020 NFL Combine Schedule

TV: NFL Network
Online: NFL App, NFL Network App, or click HERE to create a Fubo Account and stream the entire combine

Drills for all participants:

40-yard Dash
Bench Press
Vertical Jump
Broad Jump
Three-cone Drill
20-yard Shuttle
60-yard Shuttle

Saturday March 5, 2022

4 PM to 9 PM: On-field workouts for Defensive Linemen and Linebackers

Position specific drills from 2020:
— DL: Run and club drill, Run the hoop drill
— LB: Shuffle, sprint, change of direction drill, Short zone breaks drill

Sunday March 6, 2022

2 PM to 7 PM: On-field workouts for Cornerbacks and Safeties

Position specific drills from 2020:
— DB: Line drill, Teryl Austin drill, Box drill, Gauntlet drill