Happenings From Our Live Mock Draft Group: Pseudo Free Agency Period

I would put this on the front page but it is more fantasy than reality but I wanted to share anyways. If you didn't know I am part of the old SB Nation Live Mock Draft group. Our group consists of mostly SB Nation members from the sister NFL sites. Our group made a move to DISCORD for a few reasons but the main reason was the lag time for high volume commenting, sort of like the Game Day threads. I'm sure it has gotten better but we will remain hidden in our private chat room. I wanted to share some early information from some of the pseudo Free Agency period we just had, that pertains to the Black and Gold. This was just for fun and a way to kill some time before our draft on April 8 -10th. We went through about 100 Free Agents over the weekend.

Each team was given 50 Million to spend whether they had cap space or not. We had about half the GMs show up this weekend and most on Saturday due to the order in which we went. High end guys first, Davante Adams went first for a pile of cash, I believe it was 21 Million. I had a benefit cornhole tournament so I missed Saturday all together but I did leave one name with the commissioner and asked that he bid(auction style) for me. He asked what I was willing to spend, after I told him the amount I was willing to go he gladly agreed to get him for me, even though he was interested in the same guy.

The price I was willing to go to was 15 Million but I was able to get James Daniels RG(CHI) for 14 Million. That's a little high for him considering most sites had him projected around the 10 Million dollar range. Daniels is 25 years old and should be a solid match for our system. He graded out better than Brandon Scherff in both run and pass blocking. There were 4 people bidding on Daniels as well. I also wanted Foyesade Oluokun ILB(ATL) but forgot to send him to the commissioner. He went for 5 Million but I would have went to 8 Million.

I was present for Sunday looking for some bargains and to blow all but the amount to sign this years draft class. The following are the remainder of the Free Agents that I signed.

Casey Heyward CB(LVR) - 8 Million on a one year deal. He has age but rebounded nicely after he was able to play in a defense that suits his playing ability. Also fits ours.

Larry Ogunjobi IDL(CLE) - 5 Million a year on three year deal. Andrew wrote a piece on him and I tend to agree. He may not be a prototypical NT but provides that pass rush and we love to get after the QB.

Xavier Woods SAF(DAL)- 4 Million a year on a three year deal, felt I got a pretty good deal on him considering the year he had with Dallas.

Chase Edmunds RB (ARZ) - 4.5 Million a year on a 2 year deal, Edmunds has had injuries but he has above the line production when on the field. Solid pass catcher out the backfield also.

Cedric Wilson Jr WR(DAL) - Cedric Wilson Jr. 3.5 Million a year on a 3 year deal. Had a pretty decent year considering the other wideouts on his team. 45 catches 602 yards and 6 TDs.

Akhello Witherspoon - 1.5 Million on a one year deal with incentive clauses. One of our guys and to be honest there was no interest in him so I got him rather cheap. Had a good year once he got settled in.

Rasheem Green IDL(SEA) - 3.5 Million on a three year plan. Green is listed as an EDGE defender and could play the Elephant role in sub package. My plan is to add about 25 pounds and turn him into a 5 Tech. Call me crazy!

Alexander Johnson ILB(DEN) - 2.5 Million on a one year deal. Has some injurie issues but I took a flyer. I wsas bidding on LVE but the price got way too high.

I also forgot to mention that we were allowed to sign one Free Agent from our own team and it didn't count against the 50 Million. I signed Terrell Edmunds over JuJu Smith-Schuster. No I still can't believe that myself.

Like I said, it was a fun exercise and it killed some time. Hopefully it sparks some conversation before the real Free Agency period starts next week...........oh yeah I almost forgot. I made a couple of draft trades. I also have another in the works and a few offers to move up if I wanted a QB. Maybe that's why I made these trades? Maybe not?

Trade with Detroit

Detroit gets Devin Bush and Anthony Miller

Pittsburgh gets Pick 66 and Jermar Jefferson RB( BTW I improved the running back room with Edmunds and Jeffererson

Trade with Las Vegas

Las Vegas Raiders gets Chase Claypool

Pittsburgh gets Pick 86

As always stay safe and Go Steelers.

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