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Ohio State to honor Dwayne Haskins at their 2022 Spring Game

The former Ohio State Buckeye will be honored after his passing Saturday morning in Florida.

Ohio State v Maryland Photo by G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers community is not the only one who is dealing with the sudden, and tragic, death of quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

While he was on the Steelers’ roster, players from the Washington football organization, who drafted Haskins, are also grieving. On top of that, the Ohio State University program, where Haskins attended school, is also reeling. With several of players on the current team still knowing Haskins, the team has planned to honor Haskins at their annual spring game this weekend.

Head coach Ryan Day had this to say when he spoke with the media Monday.

“We talked about a lot of things.” Day said via “We have a good group of our guys who played with Dwayne, and they’re hurting. It was a tough weekend for all of us.”

The plans for the spring game are in the works, but not finalized yet.

“We’re still trying to process all of this.” Day said.

The current Buckeye football team is doing their part, in their own way. This photo of quarterback C.J. Stroud, wearing his No. 7 jersey which is the same number Haskins wore, had a message on the number during the team’s most recent practice.

Day spent time remembering Haskins as a player when he attended Ohio State.

“Quickly when I got here you just see the wrist. You see how quickly the ball comes out.” Day recalled. “You see the accuracy. You see all of those things. You still see a young person who’s trying to figure out the game, but you could see how talented he was. ”

As for Haskins’ leadership style, Haskins was different, according to Day.

“Dwayne led a little bit differently maybe than J.T. (Barrett) or some of the quarterbacks before. He did a lot of his work in the locker room and he had a little bit of that following. They just believed in who he was. Because of that, he was able to build confidence and they played with that confidence. I think that, that part was special.”

The shock of Haskins’ death continues to resonate within the football community, both collegiate and professionally, and will continue to be difficult to comprehend for some time.

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