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Steelers 2022 NFL Draft Big Board: Inside Linebacker Rankings

Our resident NFL Draft analysts give in-depth scouting reports and rankings for every draftable inside linebacker.

NFL: Scouting Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back! The BTSC Big Board crew has returned for a second consecutive season! Between now and April, numerous BTSC draft analysts will give you stats, grades, and in-depth scouting reports for over 300 prospects in this year’s class. Just like last year, we will be doing these rankings by position until the week of the draft, when we finalize the overall rankings and release our all-positions-combined big board.

Today, we will be taking a closer look at a position everyone seems to have a different opinion on: inside linebacker. The Steelers added Myles Jack in free agency, but the fact that he is not a true BUCK linebacker has led many people to the conclusion that the team is not done adding talent at the position. This year’s linebacker class is rich with talent, especially on day two of the draft. We will dive into who those players are down below.

The analysis is a collaborative effort of Ryland, myself, K.T. Smith, Jeremy Betz, Shannon White, skyfire322, Noah_E., and NecksNation, while the stats are compiled by SNW via Sports Reference. Proofreading was done by our newest big board contributor, DoomzoneFF.

If you have any thoughts on these linebacker prospects and their potential fit with the Steelers, be sure to share them in the comment section below.

Let’s get to the Big Board!

1. Devin Lloyd | Utah | 6‘-3”, 235 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 22
2021 Stats: GP 14, T 111, TFL 22, S 7, Int 4, PD 6, FR 1, FF 1.

Necksnation: Lloyd, a fifth year junior, has the makings of a quality linebacker at the next level. Although he doesn’t really have the frame of a true downhill run defender, he is certainly capable of playing like one, and with his recent improvement as a pass defender, he looks like a pretty complete prospect. He brings good athleticism to the table, and could develop into a productive sideline to sideline, three down linebacker. Additionally, Lloyd made a good amount of splash plays during his time at Utah. He intercepted four passes in 2021, two of which he returned for touchdowns, and he made a whopping 22 tackles for loss, which was second most in the country. Lloyd seems like a lock to be selected in the first round, and he projects as a somewhat versatile three down linebacker in the NFL. He should be treated with a bit of caution due to his age (23.5 years old), but if he can continue to improve as a pass rusher and make splash plays happen, he has the potential to become a star as a pro.

2. Nakobe Dean | Georgia | 5‘-11”, 229 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 23
2021 Stats: GP 15, T 72, TFL 10.5, S 6, Int 2, PD 5, FR 0, FF 2.

Andrew Wilbar: Dean is a bit undersized at 5’11”, 229 pounds, and he will definitely need to add more weight, but you cannot help but love what he did in 2021. From the beginning of the season through the SEC championship game, Dean recorded 61 tackles, 8.5 tackles for loss, 5 sacks, and 2 interceptions, flying from sideline to sideline and wearing many hats for the Georgia defense. He would have run a fast 40 if he had been able to participate in the combine, but speed is not the only thing Dean brings to the table. Despite his size, Dean takes good tackling angles and displays a nice form and posture when going in to make a tackle. He is also an effective blitzer, displaying good instincts as well as the closing speed needed to turn a pressure into a sack. He just lacks the bulk to prevent bigger ball-carriers from shaking him off. Size is something teams will need to factor in, but Dean has all the tools you want.

3. Quay Walker | Georgia | 6‘-4”, 240 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 24
2021 Stats: GP 13, T 65, TFL 5.5, S 1.5, Int 0, PD 3, FR 1, FF 0.

Andrew Wilbar: Walker is an incredibly gifted linebacker who has the potential to become a pro-bowl caliber player as soon as year two. He is still raw and inexperienced in zone coverage, and it is occasionally evident on tape, as he will sometimes lose awareness of where he is relative to the zone he is assigned to. On the bright side, I love his ability to close on the ball quickly, thanks to his phenomenal straight-line speed. His change-of-direction skills are solid, but his backpedal can be sloppy at times when dropping into coverage. Fortunately, all of Walker’s issues are fixable with good coaching. He is starting to gain first-round buzz, and I do not see him slipping outside the top 50 picks.

4. Troy Andersen | Montana State | 6‘-4”, 235 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 37
2021 Stats: GP 15, T 147, TFL 14, S 2, Int 2, PD 7, FR 1, FF 0.

Andrew Wilbar: Andersen is one of the most intriguing small-school prospects in the 2022 draft class. I have some concerns as to how well he will be able to disengage from NFL linemen and tight ends, but overall, his tape is impressive, albeit against poor competition. He is surprisingly fluid in coverage, and he has sideline-to-sideline speed, as evidenced by his 4.41 40 time. His solid build allows him to bring down the biggest of running backs in the open field, but he would do himself a favor by taking better tackling angles on a more consistent basis. Nonetheless, he should easily be a second-round pick and potentially a top 50 pick.

5. Chad Muma | Wyoming | 6‘-3”, 242 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 54
2021 Stats: GP 13, T 142, TFL 8, S 1.5, Int 3, PD 0, FR 1, FF 0.

Shannon White: [Muma] is a fundamentally sound tackler, displaying superior technique. He is extremely instinctual, from his first step and flawless angles to the ball carrier against the run, and the almost effortless depth he achieves in pass coverage. He has good size for the position at 6’3” and 245 lbs, which allows him to take on blockers and consistently disengage to make the tackle. He shows good burst and easy acceleration when blitzing the QB.
Muma is a third generation athlete, as both his father and grandfather played football at Wyoming. He was a defensive back in high school, which helps explain his coverage instincts. He reportedly has excellent leadership skills, and knows how to command a defensive huddle. Another coach on the field, he could be seen throughout Senior Bowl week instructing other defenders with their assignments. Based on the strengths and weaknesses of the Steelers defense in 2021, and the potential impact his substantial abilities could bring to the equation, this BTSC writer believes that Chad Muma would be a perfect fit with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

6. Darrian Beavers | Cincinnati | 6‘-3”, 242 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 70
2021 Stats: GP 14, T 98, TFL 11, S 4, Int 1, PD 1, FR 2, FF 2.

Necksnation: Beavers fits the mold of a prototypical buck linebacker, and while he could become successful in that role, it may hurt his draft stock a bit. At 6’4’’ and 255 lbs, he certainly has the frame to be a run stuffing linebacker, and he showed an ability to do so plenty of times at Cincinnati. Although he didn’t pick up linebacker until after graduating from high school, Beavers spent five years playing linebacker at the collegiate level (two with Connecticut and three with Cincinnati), so he does have a decent amount of experience at the position. He tested well at the combine, and had a pretty week at the Senior Bowl, but the biggest question mark surrounding Beavers is his ability in pass coverage. He isn’t too bad in zone, but he shouldn’t be asked to play man very often, as he is likely to be exploited by a veteran QB. Overall, Beavers is a good downhill tackler and run defender who should have a solid career in the NFL, but I don’t ever see him becoming any more than a two down linebacker, and it would be unreasonable to expect otherwise. Still, I would feel comfortable taking him late in day two, since he certainly has the upside to become a quality starter in a primarily run defending role.

7. Leo Chenal | Wisconsin | 6‘-2”, 255 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 71
2021 Stats: GP 11, T 115, TFL 18.5, S 8, Int 0, PD 0, FR 0, FF 2.

Andrew Wilbar: I somewhat disagree with Noah on this one, as I consider Chenal one of the most athletic linebackers in the class. He is quick to come downhill, and rarely does he miss a tackle. His instincts in coverage are still developing, and his lateral fluidity is far from elite, but the traits are there. He has good closing speed as a blitzer, but when dropping into zone coverage, he loses the awareness of where he is too often, making him susceptible to the occasional big play to the tight end over the middle. At the end of the day, Chenal is raw. He has tools, but he is still in the process of learning how to use them.

Noah: The NFL is built on athletic, sideline-to-sideline linebackers that can cover any position that is asked of them, and Chenal isn’t exactly that type of player. However, I think he will fit in very well. Chenal is thickly built and is hard to move. He’s a hard hitter and his ability as a run-stuffer is superb. He stops runners in their tracks and while it’s not his best trait, and he’s not bad in zone coverage. He’s limited in man coverage and you would like to see him change direction a little better. His effectiveness as a blitzer and a run stopper will make him impactful as a rookie, but a year as a backup would do him good. I think he will be the perfect complement to the uber-athletic, rangy linebackers that dominate the league today. If he were to fall to 84, I would love the Steelers to pick him up, as he would be extremely similar to Vince Williams from that stifling 2020 defense.

8. Brandon Smith | Penn State | 6‘-3”, 239 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 77
2021 Stats: GP 12, T 81, TFL 9, S 2, Int 0, PD 5, FR 0, FF 1.

Andrew Wilbar: If you want to take a risk on a boom-or-bust guy early on day three, look no further than Brandon Smith. His tape is up and down, but it is easy to see his athletic traits. His 40 time was a bit slower at the scouting combine last month than the 4.38 he reportedly ran back in high school, but that is understandable when you consider the amount of weight he put on toward the end of his collegiate career. That weight needed to be added, though, as there were several occurrences on tape where he struggled to disengage from blocks and make more challenging tackles. If he keeps the added weight on, he may be able to handle the BUCK position in addition to being able to play a MACK or MIKE role at the drop of a hat. Part of the reason he struggled at times in 2021 was because he had a lot more on his plate. In 2020, he did not have to communicate as much, and he rarely had to deal with difficult run-stopping assignments. Before adding weight this past season, Smith’s frame was on the slighter side, and he was used primarily as a coverage linebacker. He was impressive in that role the majority of the time, but when his role increased in 2021, he seemed overwhelmed at times. Nonetheless, if you want to gamble on a guy with traits, Smith could pay big dividends.

9. Christian Harris | Alabama | 6‘-2”, 232 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 86
2021 Stats: GP 15, T 80, TFL 11.5, S 5.5, Int 0, PD 3, FR 0, FF 2.

Ryland B.: The first thing that stands out in Harris’ tape is his athleticism. He’s an extremely explosive linebacker with sideline-to-sideline speed and the ability to shoot gaps with great success. He’s fluid in coverage with excellent closing speed, with the ability to match up against tight ends and running backs being one of his greatest strengths. Harris has adequate physicality, but he’s a little undersized and doesn’t match up against offensive lineman as well as you’d like. He’s a bit slow when processing plays as well, although his athleticism helps hide that weakness although it will likely be a bigger issue at the next level. Missed tackles are a problem as well. Harris is a highly-athletic defender in the mold of a modern coverage linebacker, but the holes in his game make him a developmental pick whose best fit is in an experienced linebacker group.

10. Channing Tindall | Georgia | 6‘-2”, 230 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 87
2021 Stats: GP 15, T 67, TFL 7.5, S 5.5, Int 0, PD 0, FR 0, FF 1.

Shannon White: Channing Tindall appears to be the type of Buck linebacker the Steelers should be looking for. He also possesses good quickness and lateral movement. This allows him to be solid in coverage, with probable improvement with more experience. His speed and mobility causes him to resemble a strong safety on occasion. Tindall also has heavy hands, which he utilizes to consistently disengage from blockers. He converts speed to power easily, allowing him to play stronger than his average size would suggest possible. His explosiveness and closing speed makes him an effective pass rusher. I believe that Channing Tindall could be a great value project for the Steelers in a middle round. A future reliable starter, and maybe much more.

11. Damone Clark | LSU | 6‘-3”, 245 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 104
2021 Stats: GP 12, T 135, TFL 15, S 5.5, Int 1, PD 3, FR 1, FF 2.

Andrew Wilbar: Clark had an incredible statistical year in 2021, finally living up to his billing as a strong athlete. At 6’2 ½”, 239 pounds, he ran a 4.57 in the 40, had a 36.5 inch vertical, and a 7.12 in the 3-cone. Those are solid numbers across the board, but things have not gone well for Clark since. It was announced at the end of March that he is undergoing spinal fusion surgery, which is something that could provide chronic issues down the line. On the other hand, this concern lowers his price, making him a potential day three steal. If he can avoid any long-term spinal issues, he could be the future at BUCK linebacker for the Steelers. It would allow Devin Bush to roam free while Clark helps in run support and occasional blitzing. Injuries of that nature are always dangerous, but he is a nice schematic fit for a team like Pittsburgh.

12. Brian Asamoah I| Oklahoma | 6‘-1”, 228 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 116
2021 Stats: GP 12, T 80, TFL 3.5, S 1, Int 0, PD 0, FR 0, FF 2.

Necksnation: Asamoah may be undersized, but his athleticism and pass coverage ability make him an appealing draft prospect. He had a great combine, and he plays up to his speed as a sideline to sideline linebacker. Despite his smaller frame, he is an aggressive tackler, which sometimes leads to missed tackles. These inconsistencies can be fixed, but as of now, it is cause for concern. However, he thrives in pass coverage, frequently demonstrating the ability to cover running backs and execute his assignments well in zone. Although he doesn’t get many interceptions, he will almost always get the job done, and it’s usually a good thing when you don’t notice a linebacker much in pass defense. Additionally, as a smart player who plays with noticeable intensity and competitiveness, Asamoah has the potential to become the “quarterback” of an NFL defense. However, he won’t be a true three down linebacker until he improves as a run defender, but he could develop into a quality player if he does.

13. D’Marco Jackson | Appalachian State | 6‘-1”, 230 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 120
2021 Stats: GP 14, T 119, TFL 20, S 6, Int 1, PD 5, FR 0, FF 1.

Andrew Wilbar: Jackson’s play speed and physicality is impressive when you watch him on tape. Despite his lack of elite size, Jackson has a nasty streak in him, delivering big hits on opposing ball-carriers consistently. I also came away impressed with Jackson’s ability to close holes quickly. The instincts to predict which hole the runner is going to go through is evident on tape as well, as he is quick to shoot gaps and plug holes in the run game. While I do have concerns about his change-of-direction skills and fluidity in coverage, I do like his ability as a blitzer. He is incredibly lethal on delayed blitzes, displaying fantastic closing speed. Size and agility are the potential downsides here, but once we get to day three, there will be plenty of teams who are willing to take a risk on him.

14. Jack Sanborn | Wisconsin | 6‘-2”, 236 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 121
2021 Stats: GP 13, T 89, TFL 16, S 5, Int 0, PD 0, FR 1, FF 0.

Jeremy Betz: Sanborn is the definition of a “tweener”, with no real defined place in a traditional defense. He plays faster than he runs and is a sideline-to-sideline missile who attacks ball-carriers with gusto. Many scouting reports on Sanborn talk about a smart, high-effort player with limited athleticism. A team drafting the Wisconsin product is hoping that competitive drive and quick-processing ability translate to a productive rotational ILB at the next level.

15. Tariq Carpenter | Georgia Tech | 6‘-4”, 225 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 134
2021 Stats: GP 11, T 65, TFL 1, S 0, Int 0, PD 2, FR 0, FF 1.

Andrew Wilbar: Much like D’Marco Jackson, I have been impressed with Carpenter’s ability to get to the ball quickly and make good tackles. A safety who has converted into more of a hybrid linebacker, Carpenter brings a nice combination of length and speed, running a 4.52 in the 40 at his pro day at nearly 6’3”, 230 pounds. Many people believe that Carpenter was not utilized well and put in a position to create many splash plays at Georgia Tech, which partially explains his lack of big-time production. Tenacity as a tackler and every-down effort are two traits I especially like about Carpenter, because it indicates that the guy is a dedicated player who loves the game. He is still a little rough around the edges, and he is still learning the linebacker position, but in the right system, he could be a nice versatile piece for the defense.

16. Malcolm Rodriquez | Oklahoma State | 5‘-11”, 225 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 153
2021 Stats: GP 14, T 129, TFL 16, S 3, Int 1, PD 4, FR 2, FF 4.

Noah: Before I watched Rodriquez’s tape I had no expectations, but I came out thoroughly impressed. His 4.52 40 yard dash and 39.5 inch vertical speak for themselves, because he is incredibly athletic on film. He moves very well and will shut down the middle of the field in zone coverage. Rodriquez has a high football IQ, knowing what gap to fill in run support and being able to recognize blocking schemes. He can defeat blocks, allowing him to be effective as a blitzer, whether it’s off the edge or up in the middle. He’s a good tackler and wraps up well, but his lack of length shows in his ability to tackle in the open field. His tape is great, and he filled up the stat sheet while at Oklahoma State, but being as undersized as he is will cause him to fall further than he probably should.

17. Ellis Brooks | Penn State | 6‘-1”, 235 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 178
2021 Stats: GP 12, T 100, TFL 3.5, S 1, Int 0, PD 1, FR 0, FF 0.

Skyfire322: Ellis Brooks, a one-year starter, was primarily used as a MIKE linebacker at Penn State. However, he does have some attributes that you want to see in an ILB. Brooks plays with very high energy, has good awareness, and is good between the tackles in run and pass coverages. While he’s shifty and has fast footwork, he can get burned with one move and is very inconsistent moving from sideline to sideline. However, the biggest issue that he faces is the inability to wrap up, which in today’s NFL is something that you cannot overlook. The energy and athleticism are there, but he will need to play in the right scheme to play to his full potential.

18. Zakoby McClain | Auburn | 6‘-0”, 219 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 202
2021 Stats: GP 12, T 95, TFL 8, S 2, Int 0, PD 6, FR 0, FF 0.

Andrew Wilbar: What I love about McClain is that he plays bigger than his size. He is only listed at about 220 pounds, but he can deliver a hit as good as anyone. Not only does he display good closing speed as a pass rusher, but he also does a great job dropping into zone coverage and making accurate reads. He is also battle-tested, as he was forced to deal with the death of his brother who was shot in the head and killed before Zakoby got to college. He has been through a lot as a person, but he seems to have overcome those difficulties and used them as motivation to be a better player. He gets pushed around by a good amount of lineman due to his lack of overall size and strength, and he will certainly have to add some weight at the next level, but there is still a lot to like about McClain’s game. He could provide a team with decent value at some point on day three.

19. JoJo Domann | Nebraska | 6‘-1”, 230 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 224
2021 Stats: GP 10, T 71, TFL 9, S 2, Int 2, PD 3, FR 0, FF 2.

Jeremy Betz: Domann is a converted S with real coverage ability and instincts. At Nebraska, he played all over the defense, and you can see his intellectual advantage from that in the way he plays. Not the fastest player (4.6 in the 40) or most athletic prospect, but he makes up for it with quick reaction time and terrific anticipation. Domann is best utilized as a TE eraser and coverage LB on possession downs. He doesn’t provide much as a run defender, although he is a willing tackler when given the opportunity. For Pittsburgh, he could fill a similar role as current Steeler and also a converted safety, Marcus Allen.

20. Micah McFadden | Indiana | 6‘-2”, 232 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 228
2021 Stats: GP 12, T 77, TFL 15.5, S 6.5, Int 0, PD 3, FR 1, FF 1.

Andrew Wilbar: While McFadden provides sufficient athleticism as a coverage linebacker, he is going to make his dough as a run defender. McFadden displays decent blitzing ability as well, but the two things that stand out about his game are his instincts as a gap-shooter and his consistency as a tackler. If you want a comparison, think of a slightly more athletic Robert Spillane. He is not the biggest or the fastest, but he holds his own as a run defender and makes the occasional pass breakup in coverage. McFadden has more length and speed than Spillane did, but their play styles are quite similar. McFadden may not have the upside to make it as a starter in the NFL, but he will make a huge impact in the snaps he sees, thanks to his communication skills and special teams value.

21. Terrel Bernard | Baylor | 6‘-1”, 222 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 232
2021 Stats: GP 13, T 103, TFL 12.5, S 7.5, Int 0, PD 4, FR 0, FF 0.

Ryland B.: Bernard may be undersized, but he’s an athletic, instinctual player with solid functional strength. He’s a reliable tackler who sifts through traffic well with good closing speed. He’s smart and quick in coverage as well. Bernard converts speed to power fairly well, but at 222 pounds he’s not a thumper and really struggles when disengaging from blocks. However, there’s plenty to like about his game, and at the very least I see Bernard as a quality special teamer in the NFL with the upside to be a solid rotational linebacker.

22. Mike Rose | Iowa State | 6‘-4”, 250 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 233
2021 Stats: GP 11, T 73, TFL 12, S 3, Int 0, PD 1, FR 0, FF 0.

Noah: Rose is one of the more interesting prospects I’ve watched. He’s not bad but he doesn’t have any qualities that stand out besides his size. He’s a big, stocky guy but it limits his movement a little bit and there isn’t a lot of fluidity in his hips. He’s alright in coverage but he more than likely won’t be able to hang with the more athletic tight ends. He’s a hard hitter and tackles well in run support. He is quick to diagnose plays and that is very beneficial for a guy that lacks closing speed. He has good upper body strength that helps him attack offensive lineman and pressure the quarterback. What worries me is the stuff that he lacks is mostly to do with his athleticism and can’t exactly be taught. I don’t think he’ll ever be a starting caliber player but for a team looking for depth late in the draft, he could be a solid addition.

23. Jeremiah Moon | LB/EDGE | Florida | 6‘-2”, 245 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 244
2021 Stats: GP 10, T 49, TFL 3.5, S 2, Int 0, PD 1, FR 0, FF 1.

Ryland B.: Moon is an athletic and versatile defender with experience at both inside linebacker and EDGE. He often over-relies on his athleticism which can lead to poor technique, especially when taking on blocks. Moon has great quickness when shooting gaps, but his hand counters are poor. Similarly, he shows nice speed in coverage but can be slow to read the offense. Still, Moon plays with good effort, and his physical attributes and ability to play all over the defense could make him a developmental day 3 pick.


24. James Skalski | Clemson | 6‘-0”, 240 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 257
2021 Stats: GP 13, T 87, TFL 4.5, S 2.5, Int 0, PD 4, FR 0, FF 0.

25. Isaiah Graham-Mobley | Boston College | 6‘-1”, 230 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 270
2021 Stats: GP 9, T 52, TFL 2.5, S 0, Int 0, PD 0, FR 0, FF 0.

26. Chance Campbell | Ole Miss | 6‘-3”, 235 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 286
2021 Stats: GP 13, T 109, TFL 12.5, S 6, Int 0, PD 2, FR 3, FF 2.

27. Merlin Robertson | Arizona State | 6‘-3”, 240 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 303
2021 Stats: GP 12, T 64, TFL .5, S 0, Int 3, PD 1, FR 0, FF 0.

28. Khalan Tolson | Illinois | 6‘-0”, 220 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 326
2021 Stats: GP 10, T 48, TFL 2.5, S 1, Int 0, PD 2, FR 0, FF 0.

29. Noah Harvey | Michigan State | 6‘-4”, 235 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 338
2021 Stats: GP 11, T 32, TFL 4, S 2, Int 1, PD 2, FR 0, FF 0.

30. Forrest Rhyne | Villanova | 6‘-1”, 235 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 356
2021 Stats: GP 13, T 152, TFL 8.5, S 4.5, Int 0, PD 0, FR 1, FF 0.

31. Josh Ross | Michigan | 6‘-2”, 224 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 357
2021 Stats: GP 14, T 106, TFL 9, S .5, Int 0, PD 2, FR 0, FF 0.

32. Jack Cochrane | South Dakota | 6‘-3”, 230 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 362
2021 Stats: GP 12, T 103, TFL 10, S 2, Int 0, PD 6, FR 0, FF 0.

33. Nephi Sewell | Utah | 6‘-0”, 228 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 373
2021 Stats: GP 13, T 89, TFL 7.5, S 0, Int 1, PD 0, FR 0, FF 1.

34. La’akea Kaho’ohanohano-Davis | Southern Utah | 6‘-1”, 215 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 380
2021 Stats: GP 9, T 73, TFL 4.5, S 3, Int 1, PD 0, FR 0, FF 0.

35. Kuony Deng | California | 6‘-6”, 240 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 392
2021 Stats: GP 2, T 4, TFL 0, S 0, Int 0, PD 0, FR 0, FF 0.
2020 Stats: GP 4, T 31, TFL 2.5, S 3.5, Int 0, PD 0, FR 0, FF 2.
2019 Stats: GP 13, T 121, TFL 7.5, S 3, Int 0, PD 8, FR 1, FF 0.

Which inside linebackers in this class intrigue you the most? Which linebacker makes the most sense for the Steelers? Who is your favorite sleeper? Be sure to share your thoughts on this big board and all things NFL Draft in the comment section below!