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2022 NFL Mock Draft: Day 2 Results from the Legacy Live Mock Draft

The Pittsburgh Steelers add some offensive talent on Day 2 of the Legacy Live Mock Draft.

2021 ACC Championship - Pittsburgh v Wake Forest Photo by Logan Whitton/Getty Images

Your resident fake General Manager (GM) is back again with some information and happenings form Rounds 2 and 3 of our live mock draft which took place last Saturday afternoon.

I mentioned there was a run on wide receivers in Round 1, but that also continued on Day 2. The good news is that we sometimes have fill-ins for vacant GMs, and the Raiders first GM was a no-show. In steps the replacement and immediately asks why Pittsburgh had Pick 86. I explained there was a trade with the previous Vegas GM. I asked if he would like that pick back (nod nod wink wink), he said “no, unless you want Claypool back”. I said “why yes I do”. Long story short everyone agreed to let the trade fall back to it’s original form. Lesson learned as a fake GM, don’t put the cart before the horse, although I still traded Devin Bush to Detroit.

I swore up and down I would not draft a quarterback in the first round and probably not take one at all in this draft other than as an UDFA. At the time the quarterback room was full. RIP Dwayne Haskins.

Not gonna lie, it’s difficult typing this today.

Even with the tragic loss, Quarterback was still not a priority. The Steelers had other needs to fill, so I was scanning my board and started looking at who was available. I glanced at my quarterback list and I saw Kenny Pickett was still unmarked on my board. I quickly looked at our Draft Tracker, checked twice, and saw he was still available.

With the 52nd Pick in the 2022 Legacy Mock Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers select:

Kenny Pickett, QB University of Pittsburgh

I made a trade with Detroit again. I decided to accept the trade to move up into the bottom of Round 2. I also gave up more players too do so: James Pierre and Chris Wormley. My thought process was to get back and get a receiver. No such luck. So I’m looking at available safeties, all of them were gone too. My immediate thought was to trade out of that pick altogether because I had offers from about four other GMs. I didn’t accept those offers...

With the 64th Pick in the 2022 Legacy Mock Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers select:

DeMarvin Leal, IDL Texas A&M

First thought that comes to mind is the off field issue, but marijuana is not tested anymore in the league. Then there is the word “lazy” attached to his name meaning he takes plays off. The latter is more concerning, in my opinion, but then you look at the plays he makes and the way in which he makes them. The guy is physically gifted, it’s just a matter of motivation. This is where I trust the Steelers’ coaching staff and even a veteran like Cam Heyward. When a guy is compared to the Chris Jones of the world, you take a risk. This pick has boom or bust written all over it, but at Pick 64 you sometimes take that chance.

With the 66th pick in the 2022 Legacy Mock Draft, The Pittsburgh Steelers select:

Chad Muma, ILB Wyoming

This is the pick which was acquired in the Devin Bush trade. Some may not like the trade, and some may not like the selection, but the defense needs to improve on the run game. Muma is a small school player, but brings a Power 5 approach to his game. Double-digit tackles a game in his last two years of college. Some question his ability to play inside and whether he can learn to be patient and overcome some lateral mobility deficiencies. All I know is he is a football player and sometimes being the greatest of athletes doesn’t always work. What he lacks in SPARQ traits he makes up for it with understanding the game and vision. The ‘Green Dot’ has meaning.

As always, interested in your thoughts and GO STEELERS! The link HERE is our Draft Tracker.