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NFL Sunday Ticket reportedly heading to Apple streaming

The services which were previously held by DirecTV/AT&T may be moving after the 2022 season.

NFL: MAR 02 Scouting Combline Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NFL is a cash cow, and this isn’t breaking news. As the league prepares new television deals with companies like Disney, FOX and CBS, they are reportedly on the verge of another major deal with another huge company.

This time the deal would be for the NFL Sunday Ticket service, and the company would be Apple.

The deal is reportedly done, according to Matthew Belloni of, via Sports Business Journal. An unnamed source told Belloni the deal is done, and it’s being kept under wraps at Apple’s request.

The deal for Sunday Ticket would be huge for the league, and could bring in over $2 billion dollars. This per ProFootballTalk:

The price could land in the range of $2.5 billion per year. And the deal would bring Apple within the NFL’s broader broadcast-partner tent. Belloni writes the league “likes spreading its rights around so everyone is invested in its success.” (Some would phrase that a little differently.)

DirecTV holds the Sunday Ticket rights through 2022. We’ve previously heard that the winner of the Sunday Ticket package possibly would be able to sell a sliver of the satellite rights, either to people in areas that lack high-speed Internet access or to bars.

If you are like me, and have DirecTV/AT&T solely for the purpose of Sunday Ticket, you might be looking at adding a streaming service to your current repertoire of services to continue to see your favorite team, like the Pittsburgh Steelers, every week regardless of location.

If/when this deal becomes finalized, we’ll have all the latest news for fans right here at BTSC. In the meantime, be sure to stay up to date with all things Steelers right here as they prepare for the rest of free agency and the upcoming 2022 NFL Draft.