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Why the 2022 Steelers shouldn’t draft a quarterback

This year’s draft is too loaded at other positions for the Pittsburgh Steelers to waste draft capital when they have other more pressing needs.

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

With the 2022 NFL Draft fast approaching, the rumors continue to abound about who the Steelers will take with pick No. 20. I, for one, hope the Steelers don’t take a quarterback in the first round.

Why, you may ask? Well, let me explain...

First, I honestly believe Mitch Trubisky needs to be given at least one season to prove himself as a starter. No fans can say, with any certainty, how his time in Buffalo has improved or impacted him as an NFL starting quarterback. It has to be hoped that Daboll and Dorsey’s coaching has had a positive influence on his skillset.

Furthermore, watching Josh Allen in practice everyday has also it has to have had a positive impact on him. Then, when you consider Buffalo uses a very similar offense to the one Matt Canada wants to use, one has to hope Trubisky won’t find learning the playbook difficult work.

Now add to this the fact that despite what Kevin Colbert said, the Steelers still have some needs which need to be addressed. Needs that are a lot more pressing than quarterback. The Steelers still have no top tier strong safety, even after the signing of Terrell Edmunds; despite the signing of Miles Boykin the wide receiver room is still thin; there is no CB1 on the roster and the defensive line is not getting any younger. Along with the fact there are still no guarantees what Stephon Tuitt is intending to do after missing the entire 2021 season. All needs that could so easily be met in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Moreover, I honestly believe that given the quality at certain positions in the early rounds of the draft, taking a quarterback could lead to the Steelers missing out on a talented prospect who could contribute far more than any of this year’s quarterbacks could, or will.

The wide receiver class in this draft possesses so much quality. In the first round instead of a quarterback you could possibly have the likes of: Jameson Williams, Chris Olave or Treylon Burks. All very exciting prospects who could easily offer the Steelers better value. Plus, with the amount of money now being paid to top wide receivers, having a rookie on a 5-year rookie contract could be well worth it. Even in the 2nd round there are top prospects like: Skyy Moore, George Pickens and Jahan Dotson, for example.

Even after signing Edmunds, this year’s draft has a number of high quality prospects at safety, who could very well be off the board in the 1st round and again offer more contribution and upside than this year’s quarterback class. It’s reportedly becoming a real possibility Kyle Hamilton out of Notre Dame could fall; Dax Hill out of Michigan is a quality hybrid safety and Lewis Cine from National Champions Georgia is a top quality player. It is also arguable all these prospects could be ready to contribute sooner than any of the quarterbacks, along with adding more value!

Now, add to this the fact there is still uncertainty over Tuitt’s future and the fact Tyson Alualu is not exactly getting younger, now defensive line could well become an urgent need that needs to be addressed with a plug and play starter. This year’s draft has a number of prospects who will go high in the draft, when it is said the Steelers could take a new signal caller. Jordan Davis and DeVonte Wyatt out of Georgia have been those top prospects which could bolster the Steelers defensive line for years to come and help improve last season’s awful run defense.

No, I haven’t even touched on the talent available at cornerback in Round 1. Or even the depth in talent in all these positions in later rounds. I guess what I’m trying to say is the Steelers could get far more value by picking a player from the many deep position groups in this year’s draft rather than a quarterback. Players who have a higher guarantee of contributing sooner. When you consider how many say this year’s quarterbacks would not have gone in the first two rounds of last year’s draft, I believe the Steelers need to skip the quarterback pick and address one of their other needs first.