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2022 NFL Mock Draft: Day 3 results and UDFAs from The Legacy Live Draft

Time to take a look at the Day 3 results from the recent Legacy Live Mock Draft.

Georgia Southern v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

This is the final day results, along with the UDFA signings, from our live mock draft. Didn’t get a ton of responses from the Day 2 article although I felt that those picks presented solid value.

Here’s a recap of the draft picks which have been made:

Round 1 Pick 20 - Trevor Penning RT Northern Iowa - A 99 run blocking grade and the power and athleticism are legit for the big man.

Round 2 Pick 52 - Kenny Pickett QB Pittsburgh - Getting a pro ready QB in the second round, can we say STEEL?

Round 2 Pick 64 - DeMarvin Leal IDL Texas A &M - Boom or Bust? I trust Cam and the coaches to get the best out of the talented young man.

Round 3 Pick 66 - Chad Muma ILB Wyoming - Averaged 11+ tackles a game two years in a row. Sometimes you just need a football player the intangibles are not bad either

That brings us to Round 4 and the comp pick for Bud Dupree. Fitting that the pick will be used on another EDGE prospect. The starters are set in place with the current Defensive Player of the Year T.J. Watt and fast improving Alex Highsmith. The roster has a few guys providing depth, but I believe in keeping that particular cupboard stocked with talent for the future.

With the 138th Pick The Pittsburgh Steelers select...

Dominique Robinson, EDGE, Miami of Ohio

Robinson’s draft projection is all over the place, and there is a reason why. The guy is fairly new to the position, having played quarterback in high school along with playing wide receiver for Miami of Ohio. The term raw with high upside has been attached to the former pass catcher. He has added size for the position, but will need to add more functional strength along with the finer points of the position. Strictly a pass rusher will need time to develop his run defense. Besides, we know the Steelers love them some raw, freak athletic types.

As you know, the Steelers did not have a 5th Round pick in this year’s draft. The Steelers were not on the clock until Pick 191. I was under the impression the Steelers did not pick until 208. Not trying to rock the boat, I went along with it.

After trading away the rights to James Pierre in the trade to get pick No. 64, I felt it was time to re-address the position and in fact I double dipped at the position.

With the 191st Pick The Pittsburgh Steelers select...

Montaric Brown, CB/FS, Arkansas

Brown possesses scheme versatility with his zone awareness and his ability to play man coverage. Not the fastest guy, but adequate enough to possibly move to the Free Safety position. Brown has said he is willing to play anywhere at anytime and would have no problem playing cornerback, slot corner or safety. Will take some risks and that puts him out of position at times. Pittsburgh has prided themselves on having their cornerbacks tackle, he fits that as well. His draft stock is all over the place, but there is something about his game I personally like. Outside of not having elite speed, he is a play maker on the ball.

With the 226th Pick The Pittsburgh Steelers Select...

Mario Goodrich, CB, Clemson

Playing opposite of Andrew Booth Jr, a sure fire first round pick, one would think Goodrich would get more than his fair share of targets. Goodrich gave up an impressive 49 QB Rating in those targets. He also is a very physical defensive back in both press and his ability and willingness to defend the run. Has the football IQ and instincts to be an effective zone defender. There is concern about his one-year of true playing time, but I look at it in a positive manner. He was ready when his number was called and he turned that one year into a First-Team All-ACC selection. While I see upside in the Clemson prospect, like Brown, both will need time to develop.

With the 242 Pick The Pittsburgh Steelers Select...

Gerrit Prince, TE, University of Alabama

The Steelers have their starters in Pat Freiermuth and Zach Gentry. There are also some players who provide depth, but I like competition. Prince, as of late, has gotten some attention but I feel it was another solid selection. Not going to wow you with his blocking although the same was thought about Gentry. Prince offers versatility maybe only Freiermuth presents, able to line up in a variety of positions and formations. Improved route running and solid hands with a 19.4 yard catch average in 2021.

On to the UDFA signings. The UDFA signings was set up using the draft order. We only had about 14 GMs show for the UDFA segment, so it is skewed a bit. The list below is who the Steelers signed in the exercise.

Isaiah Chambers, EDGE, McNeese State

Charleston Rambo, WR, Miami

Myron Cunningham, OT, Arkansas

Julius Faulk, CB, Delta State

Josh Babicz, TE, North Dakota State

Lance McCutcheon, WR, Montana State

Quay Holmes, RB, East Tennessee State

Josh Wilkes, WR, Arkansas Pine Bluff

Tre Walker, ILB, Idaho

Always interested in your feedback and Go Steelers