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Pittsburgh Steelers Burning Questions: 2022 NFL Draft Edition

Time to talk about all things Steelers as the organization prepares for the upcoming 2022 NFL Draft.

Washington Football Team v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Christmas in April is just around the corner, we are getting close to the 2022 NFL Draft people! It’s been an interesting offseason, to say the least. The Pittsburgh Steelers have spent money in Free Agency and haven’t even had to tap into restructures to do so. Of course, the big topic at hand this year is the quarterback position, it’s been a minute since that has been an actual thing. Sure, we as fans have kicked the thought around for a few years but now it’s staring us right in our black-and-gold faces.

Kevin Colbert and Head Coach Mike Tomlin, along with the rest of the scouting department, have been in attendance at most of this year’s quarterback Pro Days. Along with having interviews, meetings and visits with the majority of the top quarterbacks. This certainly means they are doing their due diligence, but there seems to be a forgotten piece as of late, Mitch Trubisky.

So I’ll ask, do you think Mitch Trubisky can be the next franchise quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Looking at the attention the position is getting, do you think the brass feel Mitch Trubisky is that guy?

Thoughts: I understand the necessary work put into the most important position on the football field. If I’m being honest with myself, the chances the former Tar Heel is “that guy” aren’t very good. The franchise quarterback isn’t easily found, just ask around. Still though I feel Trubisky could be a diamond in the rough, a player that has been given another shot and will run with it...maybe literally. The Steelers aren’t perfect but I feel they got this right. Just remember they also had contact with the South Dakota State quarterback Chris Oladokun? Doing their due diligence doesn’t mean the Steelers are set at drafting a quarterback in the first or second round? Maybe the future is already on the team.

In the recent past the Steelers have drafted a couple of prospects from the same school. Here is that list:

2021 Texas A&M - Dan Moore Jr. and Buddy Johnson

2020 Maryland - Anthony McFarland and Antoine Brooks

2019 Michigan - Devin Bush and Zach Gentry

2018 Oklahoma State - Mason Rudolph and James Washington

2017 Tennessee - Cameron Sutton and Joshua Dobbs

As you can see, that’s five years in a row!

Will that trend continue in 2022, and if so what school do you think the Steelers will draft two prospects from?

Thoughts: That’s an interesting trend as of late, to say the least. The schools which first come to mind are Georgia and Cincinnati, both schools have multiple combinations that could benefit the team, but I’m going back to the Wolverine well and say Michigan. Daxton Hill and Hassan Reddick just feel right.

My true hope is that the Steelers double dip at Northern Iowa with Trevor Penning OT and Isaiah Weston WR.

Who are your draft crushes and have the Steelers had any contact with them during the draft process?

Thoughts: Some will say I am infatuated with two players, Trevor Penning OT Northern Iowa and Velus Jones Jr. WR Tennessee. I’ll admit I love both of these players, but the one prospect I truly want the Steelers to draft is Jermaine Johnson Jr. EDGE from Florida State. I know we have starters at that position but that young man is just reaching the height at what he can achieve. A dangerous pass rusher that already is solid and great against the run.

Other players I also like are Jameson Williams and Treylon Burks. Both receivers are effective in their own individual styles. Williams has speed and take it to the house speed from anywhere on the field. Showed a willingness to do the dirty work as a possession guy once John Metchie went down. Burks has that A.J. Brown style in him that allows his size and physicality to work as a possession guy. The former Razorback isn’t limited to the underneath stuff though, his ability to make tough catches down the field also allows for some big plays.

Are there any prospects you don’t want the Steelers to draft?

Thoughts: This falls back in line with the first set of questions. As a huge Tar Heel fan I really do not like Sam Howell for the Steelers. It has nothing to do with his personality or his toughness as a football player. Both of those qualities surely make some love the guy, but I just do not see him as a long term starter at the next level. I saw instances of locking onto his first read and he doesn’t possess arm strength to all levels of the field.

As always, interested in your feedback and GO STEELERS!