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The 2022 draft class could be as bad as the horrid 2016 class

The talent level of this class is starting to get scary low.

NFL: SEP 17 Vikings at Steelers Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The 2022 NFL Draft is just hours away, but for the first time in a very long time the draft has not been more unpredictable. That has less to do with the secretiveness of NFL teams, but more to do with the level of talent in this year‘s pool of players. Heck, the draft is missing all its usual headliners: There is no consensus No. 1 overall pick, there is no consensus future franchise quarterback, and the hype on these players is lower than what it has been in years.

Way back in the 2016 NFL Draft fans faced a very similar situation. From the quarterbacks to the lack of high in talent, it was a very similar class. The Steelers of course walked away with Artie Burns and Sean Davis with their first two picks, and it did take some time to recover from those misses. However, the Steelers were not the only team that whiffed on their selections. When re-drafting this class the name that would more than likely goes first overall is that of now Buffalo Bills wide receivers Stefon Diggs. While Diggs is a great player, he is nowhere near the best wide receiver in football.

With a class like this one, it will require some impressive scouting and player development to pull anything major out of this class. Especially with the Steelers now selecting 20th overall they may have to get creative with who they select at the spot. In a normal draft year the 20th overall pick should still net you a Pro Bowl caliber player, and really that level of ceiling should be available well into the second round of the draft. In this 2022 class however, it feels like we are missing the top tier of player altogether.

This does not mean the Pittsburgh Steelers will walk away from the draft with nothing. Like any class there will be game changing players, but it is almost more likely that person does not come on Day 1 of the draft, like in regular years. Winning a draft class that is as devoid of talent as this one could set your team on a extremely positive trajectory and point you toward future championship aspirations.

It is also a major positive the Steelers were able to round out their roster throughout free agency. This is certainly not the draft class to draft based on position. In weaker years, like this one, you have to continuously take the best player in your mind available and develop them to become a future player for your team. Reaching on talent in 2022 will give you nothing but busts. However, I do anticipate the big boards of general managers will look a whole heck of a lot different than what we are getting from media and fans alike.

But what do you think? Is this the weakest draft class we have seen since 2016? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.