Grading the Steelers Draft Class

The 2022 NFL draft is over now and that means it's time to grade all of the Steelers picks. Before I do so though, I would just like to say that this was a very weird draft. Like, I knew Willis wasn't as good as people were saying but the third round? really? Nakobe Dean falling the the second? and don't get me started on Sam Howell falling to the fifth. Anyway, I'm getting off topic here, sorry about that. On to the grading.

Round 1 Pick 20 : Kenny Pickett QB Pittsburgh

I am so very happy that we took Pickett over Willis that I can't even find the words to express myself. I really think this was a pretty good pick, even if the rest of the QBs in the draft were not very good. Pickett is a good leader and smart player who I think is going to help the Steelers a lot.

Grade : A

Round 2 Pick 52 : George Pickens WR Georgia

I really liked watching Pickens in college and think that he' going to really help the Steelers offense. The Steelers are usually pretty good when it comes to drafting wide receivers, and I think that Pickens is no exception. The only reason this grade isn't an A is because we could have taken Nakobe Dean here. I know we already have good linebackers but come on snagging Dean would have been so good.

Grade : B+

Round 3 Pick 84 : DeMarvin Leal DL Texas A&M

I really think that while Leal might not see whole lot of playing time, he was a pretty good pick for the third round. I liked Leal before the draft started, but I never thought the Steelers would end up picking him. I think this was a fairly good pick, especially for the third round.

Grade : B

Round 4 Pick 138 : Calvin Austin III WR Memphis

I knew that we would have to take more then one receiver to replace Juju and Ray Ray, but I never thought that we would get so lucky as to get George Pickens and Calvin Austin. Austin is speedy receiver that will help ease the transition of the Smith-Schuster and McCloud losses. I think getting him in the fourth round was a good pick.

Grade : B+

Round 6 Pick 208 : Connor Heyward TE Michigan State

I am shocked that Heyward fell to the sixth round. I knew he would fall, but I think getting him in the sixth was a steal. I watched Heyward at Michigan State, and I knew that he was going to be a good athlete. I really like this pick.

Grade : A

Round 7 Pick 225 : Mark Robinson LB Ole Miss

I was fairly indifferent to this pick to be completely honest. His stats were ok, and I think he's a pretty nice grab in the seventh, but to be completely honest, I just wasn't super big on this pick for some reason.

Grade : C+

Round 7 Pick 241 : Chris Oladokun QB South Dakota State

This was an ok pick. Seeing as we already took Pickett, and we already have Tribuisky and Rudolph, I don't see Oladokun as much more then a practice squad QB. I think he was ok in college though, and could be a solid third string QB.

Grade : B-

These are my thoughts on the Steelers 2022 draft picks. let me know what you think.

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