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Steelers 2022 NFL Draft Big Board: EDGE Rankings

Our NFL Draft experts break down and rank every noteworthy EDGE rusher in the 2022 NFL Draft.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 31 CFP Semifinal - Capital One Orange Bowl - Georgia v Michigan Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We’re back! The BTSC Big Board crew has returned for a second consecutive season! Between now and April, numerous BTSC draft analysts will give you stats, grades, and in-depth scouting reports for over 300 prospects in this year’s class. Just like last year, we will be doing these rankings by position until the week of the draft, when we finalize the overall rankings and release our all-positions-combined big board.

Today, we will be taking a closer look at a position the Steelers will likely consider in the later rounds: EDGE rusher. This is a deep class of pass rushers, many of which are scheme versatile. With T.J. Watt and Alex Highsmith already in place, I do not expect the Steelers to address this position early. However, the team could possibly look to improve its depth in the later rounds.

The analysis is a collaborative effort of Ryland, myself, K.T. Smith, Jeremy Betz, Shannon White, skyfire322, Noah_E., and NecksNation, while the stats are compiled by SNW via Sports Reference. Proofreading was done by our newest big board contributor, DoomzoneFF.

If you have any thoughts on these EDGE rushers and their potential fit with the Steelers, be sure to share them in the comment section below.

Let’s get to the Big Board!

1. Aidan Hutchinson | Michigan | 6‘-6”, 265 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 1
2021 stats: GP 14, T 62, TFL 16.5, S 14, PD 3, FR 1, FF 2.

Andrew Wilbar: Kavon Thibodeaux had been my number one EDGE rusher all summer and all season, but Aidan Hutchinson’s dominance this year is just too much to ignore. While I think Thibodeaux still has the higher overall ceiling, Hutchinson has a much safer floor. He is a good athlete who thrives by converting speed to power to finish plays in the backfield. His non-stop motor and effort on every down make him a difficult matchup for any tackle, and he only gets better as the game goes on. I also love Hutchinson’s hand usage. He has extremely strong and active hands that give opposing tackles fits when they leave their chests exposed. As long as Jacksonville’s medical staff is comfortable with his health, I have to imagine that he has the inside track at becoming the number one overall pick.

2. Travon Walker | Georgia | 6‘-5”, 275 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 7
2021 stats: GP 13, T 33, TFL 7.5, S 6, INT 0, PD 2, FR 1, FF 0.

Jeremy Betz: ‘Tweener’? DE or OLB? Doesn’t matter. Walker is a physical marvel of power, speed, and tenacity. On tape, he shows a variety of effective pass-rush maneuvers, along with tremendous length and heavy hands. Depending on the scheme of his selector, Walker may be asked to flex out as a stand-up rusher off the edge, but teams who run a base 4-3 Defense may be the best fit for the UGA star. At the combine, Walker’s workout drew rave reviews from scouts and team brass in attendance. You saw insane speed and quickness, which translates well to tracking down QBs and beating athletic OTs off the LOS. 2021 was truly a breakout year for Walker, and his ability to play multiple roles along the DL will raise his stock and his ceiling in the eyes of NFL decision-makers. Travon Walker could end up being the best defensive player overall in this draft, let alone the best EDGE rusher.

3. Kayvon Thibodeaux | Oregon | 6‘-5”, 250 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 8
2021 stats: GP 10, T 49, TFL 12, S 7, INT 0, PD 1, FR 0, FF 2.

Andrew Wilbar: Thibodeaux is a freak of nature, simply put. He has the length, speed, bend, and strength that every coach salivates over. The only new concern is that he has not exactly produced in the big games. While he recorded a combined 6 sacks, 8.5 tackles for loss, and 2 forced fumbles against Fresno State, California, Washington State, and UCLA, he only recorded one sack in the two meetings against Utah. In the condensed 2020 season, Thibodeaux made big plays defending the run but struggled to turn pressures into sacks, recording only three sacks in seven games. This does not take away from his insane athleticism, but his lack of production in big games may be worrisome for some teams. I would still take him inside the top ten, but teams who have met with him and have concerns about his love for the game may be more hesitant to do so.

4. Jermaine Johnson | Florida State | 6‘-5”, 260 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 14
2021 stats: GP 12, T 70, TFL 17.5, S 11.5, INT 0, PD 2, FR 1, FF 2.

Ryland B.: Johnson is a solid-all-around edge rusher with great size for a 3-4 OLB. He has good athleticism and overall strength, although I’d like to see him be more consistent when converting speed to power. He’s a disciplined run defender and pass-rusher with solid hand usage. Johnson plays with great effort which is evident through his production, along with being a good tackler. Johnson isn’t a “built in a lab” type prospect like Thibodeaux, but overall he’s one of the safer picks in this EDGE class who could be an excellent NFL starter.

5. David Ojabo | Michigan | 6‘-5”, 250 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 24
2021 stats: GP 13, T 35, TFL 12, S 11, INT 0, PD 3, FR 1, FF 5.

Andrew Wilbar: Ojabo was not a key part of Michigan’s pass rush until 2021 when Ojabo emerged opposite Aidan Hutchinson with 11 sacks and 5 forced fumbles from the beginning of the season through the Big Ten Championship Game. In my personal opinion, Ojabo has a higher ceiling than Hutchinson. He has better speed, better bend, and more explosiveness off the line of scrimmage. At 6’5”, 250 pounds, Ojabo has ideal length and size to handle the edge, and I would expect him to get closer to the neighborhood of 260 pounds before he plays his first NFL game. While I think he could succeed in both 3-4 and 4-3 schemes, his best fit is in a 3-4 where he can get out of his stance quickly and beat the tackle around the edge with his speed. Some fans worry that he was the beneficiary of Hutchinson’s greatness, but Ojabo was often lined up against the opposing team’s better tackle and still made a major impact. Michigan moved him around to make Hutchinson’s job easier, but he still produced against the tougher assignments, and that is something that will not go unnoticed by NFL teams. Unfortunately, Ojabo suffered a torn achilles during his pro-day workout, making his draft status much more murky. If he happens to drop to day two, however, he could be the steal of the draft.

6. Arnold Ebiketie | Penn State | 6‘-3”, 253 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 33
2021 stats: GP 12, T 62, TFL 18, S 9.5, INT 0, PD 1, FR 0, FF 2.

Andrew Wilbar: I love my bendy EDGE rushers, and Ebiketie’s bend is one of the first things that stand out on tape. He combines that bend with excellent hand usage coming around the edge, making it difficult for opposing tackles to latch onto him and engage in a block. Ebiketie is also a transfer from Temple, so I would be remiss not to mention the toughness he displays on a weekly basis. If he can refine his technique a little and consistently finish prime sack opportunities, we could be looking at one of the most explosive pass rushers in the league.

8. George Karlaftis | Purdue | 6‘-4”, 275 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 43
2021 stats: GP 12, T 39, TFL 10, S 4.5, INT 0, PD 4, FR 1, FF 2.

Andrew Wilbar: Karlaftis is another player who I have rated lower than most boards, partially due to other players rising and partially due to his lack of production in big games. George is a true disrupter, but he is not a true finisher, as he only accounted for 4.5 sacks in 12 games this season. He is a pass rusher that wins with power, but he has also displayed the ability to get small and split gaps to get to the quarterback. He has a quick first step out of his stance, and he never slows down or gives up in the middle of a play. As a run defender, Karlaftis did a great job setting the edge for the Boilermakers, and he successfully creates penetration when he gets good hand placement. My only real concern is his big-game production, as he recorded just one sack and three tackles for loss in the Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Ohio State games combined. He is definitely better suited for a 4-3 defense, but if he can find a way to add more weight, a 3-4 team may be able to kick him inside on passing downs and get some value out of him.

7. Boye Mafe | Minnesota | 6‘-4”, 265 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 53
2021 stats: GP 12, T 34, TFL 10, S 7, INT 0, PD 0, FR 0, FF 1.

Andrew Wilbar: Mafe is still relatively new to the game of football, and that is evident when you watch his tape. There are a lot of technical issues, from pad level, to hand usage, to leverage. Nonetheless, his athleticism is outstanding. When his hand placement is consistently good and he is breaking away from opposing linemen, watch out, because he can run down just about anyone in the backfield. While he could fit in both 3-4 and 4-3 schemes, he does not always look natural in a standup position. Thus, I think his best fit long-term is as a 4-3 defensive end. It will take time for Mafe to reach his full potential, but if he can reach that potential at some point, he will be an extremely dangerous pass rusher.

9. DeAngelo Malone | Western Kentucky | 6‘-4”, 240 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 74
2021 stats: GP 14, T 94, TFL 17.5, S 8, INT 0, PD 4, FR 0, FF 4.

Noah: Since becoming a starter Malone has been a standout player for the Hilltoppers. He has 34 sacks in his career (32.5 coming in the last 4) which is the most all-time at Western Kentucky, as well as two C-USA Defensive Player of the Year awards. He has the stats, he has the accolades but does the tape back it up? The answer is yes. Malone has just about everything you look for in a pass rusher. He’s explosive off the line and his movement is sudden. He’s got good bend helping him to get around the edge and his chop is magnificent. His quickness and his ability to pop the football free are very valuable skills that will help him out at the next level. He does need to have a better plan when getting after the quarterback because he won’t be able to win as frequently without it. He hasn’t shown that he can beat linemen with power yet and they are much stronger at the NFL level, so adding some muscle to his frame will do him good. This defensive line class is ridiculously talented and very deep, wherever Malone ends up getting taken it’s probably not high enough.

10. Drake Jackson | USC | 6‘-4”, 250 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 86
2021 stats: GP 10, T 37, TFL 8, S 5, INT 1, PD 1, FR 1, FF 1.

Ryland B.: Jackson is a fairly athletic pass rusher with some intriguing potential. He has a strong upper half but his game still lacks the power and drive you’d expect from someone his size. He has a good first step and some nice speed around the edge, but he relies more on his quickness than hand usage. He’s not a very disciplined defender either and doesn’t anchor against the run well. Jackson projects as a developmental pass-rusher at the next level.

11. Cameron Thomas | San Diego State | 6‘-5”, 270 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 93
2021 stats: GP 14, T 71, TFL 20.5, S 10.5, INT 0, PD 0, FR 0, FF 1.

Noah: The first thing you notice when you turn on the tape is his motor. Thomas is always working to get to the quarterback. He has violent hands and weak blocks won’t work on him. His versatility allows him to rush from a multitude of spots but finding him a permanent spot will be tough. Thomas has the hand quickness and physical tools to rush off the edge. However, I think he’ll fit better as an interior lineman, rushing from a 3 point stance. His inability to anchor or properly set an edge will limit him on the outside and I think his size will benefit him as a 3-tech. I don’t think he’ll have a very big impact early on in his career but in the right situation, he could flourish.

12. Logan Hall | DL/EDGE | Houston | 6‘-6”, 260 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 94
2021 stats: GP 12, T 47, TFL 13, S 6, INT 0, PD 0, FR 0, FF 0.

Ryland B.: Hall is an extremely versatile defender with experience as both an EDGE rusher and interior defensive lineman. He’s extremely athletic for an IDL, with good strength, agility, and technique as well. Surprisingly, he has the quickness you’d expect from an EDGE rusher although he lacks the ideal build (and bend) for the position. Overall, Hall’s versatility and athleticism make him a really intriguing prospect, but the issue lies in whether or not he’ll be a tweener at the NFL level. He lacks the ideal size for an NFL interior lineman but is a little too big for EDGE. It’ll be interesting to see where he fits.

13. Dominique Robinson | Miami (OH) | 6‘-4”, 252 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 108
2021 stats: GP 12, T 28, TFL 8.5, S 4.5, INT 0, PD 0, FR 0, FF 0.

Necksnation: A former receiver, Robinson has the physical tools to be a solid edge rusher in the NFL. Although he didn’t put up great stats at Miami Ohio, he tested well at the combine, and had a strong performance against linemen from bigger schools at the Senior Bowl. His athleticism is what gives him a fairly high ceiling, but his production in college was lackluster, registering only 6.5 sacks in 27 games. Robinson isn’t a powerful player, and his weight is in the 17th percentile, so he would benefit from some time in the weight room before the start of the NFL season. He sometimes wins matchups with speed off the edge, but it makes him a bit of a one trick pony, and it doesn’t really translate to consistent success. He isn’t very polished, but there’s potential for him to be a late round steal. He would make a solid day 3 pick for a team willing to take a gamble on an athletic pass rusher.

14. Adam Anderson | Georgia | 6‘-5”, 230 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 109
2021 stats: GP 7, T 32, TFL 5.5, S 5.5, INT 0, PD 1, FR 0, FF 0.

Andrew Wilbar: If not for off-field concerns, Anderson would be a top-50 pick hands down. His frame is on the lighter side, but he is quick, bendy, feisty, and instinctual. I expect him to add additional weight once he gets with a strength-and-conditioning program in the NFL, which should ease concerns about functional strength. The problem lies in his character, or lack thereof. In November of 2021, Georgia suspended Anderson after he was accused of rape. He was released on bond not long after, but a second allegation quickly followed. If his legal situation clears up and he stays clean from here on out, he could be a tremendous steal on day three, but it is a major risk to invest high draft capital in him.

15. Sam Williams | Ole Miss | 6‘-4”, 265 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 114
2021 stats: GP 13, T 57, TFL 15, S 12.5, INT 0, PD 1, FR 1, FF 4.

Noah: We talk a lot about playing through the whistle when it comes to the guys in the trenches and Williams is the perfect example of that. His motor is relentless and the tenacity that he plays with is phenomenal. He’s a very interesting prospect though. He ran a 4.46 at the combine yet his game speed looks lackluster and you can tell that tackles don’t really respect the outside. He’s got very strong hands though and consistently pushes guys back, disrupting the pocket. He’s not going to be a 2 point stance, “beat you off the snap” type of guy but he has the skills to be a high-level pass rusher. However, he is not good against the run. He fails to set a good edge and misses tackles more than you would like to see. You can see the potential though and I like the idea of a team using a day 3 pick on him if they think they can develop him as a run stopper.

16. Nick Bonnitto | Oklahoma | 6‘-3”, 240 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 115
2021 stats: GP 12, T 39, TFL 15, S 7, INT 0, PD 1, FR 3, FF 1.

Ryland B.: Bonnitto is quickly becoming one of my favorite under-the-radar players in this year’s draft. He’s slightly undersized, sure, but he more than makes up for it with his impressive quickness and closing speed. He’s an incredibly slippery pass-rusher who can shoot through gaps in an instant, and his hand usage is quick and effective – although due to his lack of size I am slightly worried about how his game will compare against good NFL offensive tackles. He’s an absolute terror when left unblocked, sifting through traffic excellently when in pursuit. He’s a high-effort player but a little underwhelming as a run defender at the line of scrimmage due to his lack of great strength. There’s a chance he could succeed best in a hybrid role or sorts between off-ball linebacker and pass-rusher, as Bonnitto excels in space, has some coverage ability, and can rush from both the inside and outside.

17. Jesse Luketa | Penn State | 6‘-3”, 251 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 117
2021 stats: GP 12, T 61, TFL 8.5, S .5, INT 1, PD 0, FR 0, FF 0.

Andrew Wilbar: Luketa is one of my favorite day-three prospects in the draft. While his athletic testing was unbelievably poor, he put out impressive tape in 2021 for scouts to look at. The numbers are not going to jump off the page, but he began playing a snap at outside linebacker here and there as the season went on. He was primarily a middle linebacker at Penn State, but to me, it was as clear as day that he was playing out of position. When aligned at outside linebacker, he simply displayed a better feel for the game. He timed his jumps off the line of scrimmage almost perfectly, and he looked incredibly smooth coming around the edge, displaying a natural feel for rushing the passer. While his straight-line speed may not be elite, he has excellent closing speed, and he rarely misses a tackle once he closes on the ball-carrier. If the Steelers can grab him late on day three, it would be one of the best value picks in the entire draft.

18. Amare Barno | Virginia Tech | 6‘-6”, 245 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 127
2021 stats: GP 10, T 35, TFL 5.5, S 3.5, INT 0, PD 1, FR 0, FF 1.

Andrew Wilbar: Some players just defy the limitations for certain positions. With Barno, he has defied the speed limitations of the traditional EDGE rusher. He ran an insane 4.36 in the 40 at the combine, but the crazier part is that he just about plays to that speed on tape. Unfortunately, there is not much here other than raw speed. He does not have the strength to successfully convert his speed to power on bull rushes, and his change-of-direction skills are merely average. Hand usage and pad level need a good bit of work as well. Overall, he is a boom-or-bust prospect who would be best suited for a team that will allow him to be just a rotational pass rusher until he builds up his strength.

19. Myjai Sanders | Cincinnati | 6‘-5”, 258 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 166
2021 stats: GP 14, T 41, TFL 7.5, S 2.5, INT 0, PD 5, FR 1, FF 0.

Skyfire322: Sanders is explosive off the line, and while he’s not the fastest, he can get in the backfield and doesn’t give up pursuit. His hand speed and bull rush are second to none and is an excellent pass rusher. He does have the length necessary to create some separation off the line. However, his lower body strength isn’t the greatest, especially when double-teamed, so this could be an issue against a top-tier offensive line. He also tends to wrap up, which may hurt against more elusive runners, but teams can most certainly address these issues. Overall, while his numbers dropped in his senior season, his technique, football IQ, and ability to play both sides of the ball worked in his favor.

20. Kingsley Enagbare | DL/EDGE | South Carolina | 6‘-4”, 265 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 170
2021 stats: GP 12, T 43, TFL 7, S 4.5, INT 0, PD 2, FR 1, FF 1.

Skyfire322: Kingsley (JJ) Enagbare is a unique specimen. At 6’4” and 265 lbs, he has the body of a DL but can show a linebacker’s closing speed, making him very impactful, particularly in passing situations. He’s solid, has a great point of attack, and has a good dip and rip technique. While Enagbare knows how to get to the ball, he can be a little too hesitant at times. He also plays quite vertically and can sometimes rely solely on his strength to gain leverage instead of technique. Teams may take his hip surgery into account while scouting him, but given a chance, he could potentially be a good fit as a DL/EDGE hybrid.

21. Alex Wright | UAB | 6‘-7”, 270 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 178
2021 stats: GP 12, T 45, TFL 7.5, S 6, INT 0, PD 3, FR 0, FF 2.

Noah: Level of competition is talked about a lot when it comes to these mid-major prospects and personally, I take it with a grain of salt. However, when a prospect is consistently struggling against mid-major schools, it is a little concerning. His quick feet and agility allow him to get into the backfield and disrupt plays at times but he isn’t consistent. His technique needs a lot of work and he just doesn’t have the explosion that you see from higher level prospects. He got bullied by opposing offensive linemen time and time again, once they got their hands on him it was over. Wright’s size looks appealing on paper but he needs to add muscle to his frame if he wants to compete at the NFL level. The traits are there but the lack of production and bad technique makes him a very risky pick.

22. Joshua Paschal | DL/EDGE | Kentucky | 6‘-3”, 278 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 195
2021 stats: GP 12, T 52, TFL 15, S 5, INT 0, PD 0, FR 0, FF 1.

Andrew Wilbar: If your team is looking for a base 4-3 defensive end who can kick inside on passing downs, Paschal may be your guy. I have him quite a bit lower than most boards due to his inability to finish as a pass rusher, but there is no denying the physicality and athleticism Paschal plays with. For someone his size, Paschal has uncanny quickness out of his stance, and his ability to get small and split gaps is rather impressive. I just do not see a ton of upside overall. Not only does he lack great closing speed, but his change-of-direction skills are also underwhelming. For a 4-3 team, he could provide some value on day three, but I do not see where he would fit with the Steelers.

23. Tyreke Smith | Ohio State | 6‘-3”, 260 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 196
2021 stats: GP 10, T 26, TFL 5, S 3, INT 0, PD 2, FR 0, FF 1.

Jeremy Betz: Smith is an athletic prospect with good length and an incredible motor. Despite lacking refined talent as a rusher, he consistently provided pressure for the Buckeyes as a relentless 4-3 edge defender. He is a very fluid mover with great short area quickness and enough speed to set the edge even when ball-carriers attempt to bounce outside. Although he doesn’t have the upside of some of his peers in this class, Smith can provide a solid rotational rush early on while he develops his repertoire of pass-rush moves and improves as a run defender. He shouldn’t be asked to drop into coverage very often, and projects most comfortably as a traditional 4-3 DE.

24. Tyree Johnson | Texas A&M | 6‘-4”, 240 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 211
2021 stats: GP 11, T 31, TFL 9, S 8.5, INT 0, PD 0, FR 1, FF 1.

Ryland B.: Johnson seems to lack the frame and strength to be an every-down defender at the NFL level, but he has the athleticism to be a very good rotational pass-rusher. He has great quickness off the edge and lots of bend. He’s a smart outside linebacker who is great when it comes to stunts and fairly disciplined in his assignments against the run, although he can be pushed out of the way a little too easily. The fact that he’s held up so well at the SEC level is a good sign that Johnson will find some success in the NFL.

25. Jeffrey Gunter | Coastal Carolina | 6‘-4”, 260 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 236
2021 stats: GP 12, T 36, TFL 8.5, S 5.5, INT 0, PD 1, FR 1, FF 2.

Necksnation: Although he is a little undersized, Gunter is a capable run defender with decent upside. The senior contributed nicely for Coastal Carolina over the past three seasons, registering 35 tackles for loss in that time. He doesn’t have too many pass rush moves, but he is good at containing in the run game, and he’ll most likely be an early down defender to start his pro career. He could add a bit more bulk to his lean frame, as power isn’t really a strength for him, and he is definitely on the lighter side. He could be a decent pick in the middle of day 3 for a team with a poor run defense or a team that is willing to wait on his development as a pass rusher.

26. Christopher Allen | Alabama | 6‘-4”, 252 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 237
2020 stats: GP 11, T 37, TFL 13, S 6, INT 0, PD 0, FR 1, FF 2.

Andrew Wilbar: Allen is coming off a foot injury that cost him the vast majority of the 2021 season, but he began to come into his own when healthy in 2020, recording six sacks and thirteen tackles for loss. I have concerns about effort when he is trailing a ball-carrier, as he does not seem to trust his traits enough to believe that he can catch up and make a play. He also does not have a large repertoire of pass rush moves. On the flip side, he does a good job setting the edge, as he rarely gets pushed off the ball. The most intriguing part of his game, though, is his athleticism. He has the speed, strength, and bend to beat the best of tackles, but he is still incredibly raw, and he has the injury concerns. That will likely cause him to drop to day three or even undrafted free agency.

27. Isaiah Thomas | Oklahoma | 6‘-5”, 266 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 238
2021 stats: GP 12, T 38, TFL 10.5, S 7, INT 0, PD 3, FR 1, FF 3.

Andrew Wilbar: Thomas has done a good job filling out his lengthy frame, weighing in at over 265 pounds. He is likely a 4-3 defensive end in the NFL, as he has become more comfortable playing with his hand in the dirt. His ability to create leverage by using his long arms correctly has tremendously aided in his ability to create consistent penetration. However, he lacks lower body strength and can get pushed off the ball rather easily at times. He also plays too upright as a run defender, and he struggles to disengage from offensive linemen on occasion. He has the tools to develop into a decent starter in the future, but he is far from a finished product.


28. Big Kat Bryant | Auburn | 6’5”, 245 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 259
2021 stats: GP 13, T 50, TFL 13, S 6, INT 0, PD 3, FR 0, FF 0.

29. Kyron Johnson | Kansas | 6‘-1”, 223 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 260
2021 stats: GP 12, T 63, TFL 8.5, S 6.5, INT 0, PD 1, FR 2, FF 4.

30. Zach VanValkenberg | Iowa | 6’4”, 267 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 272
2021 stats: T 30, S 5.5

31. Cameron Goode | California | 6‘-4”, 240 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 303
2021 stats: GP 11, T 45, TFL 8.5, S 6.5, INT 0, PD 4, FR 1, FF 0.

32. Owen Carney, Jr. | DL/ EDGE | Illinois | 6’-3”, 265 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 320
2021 stats: GP 12, T 44, TFL 7.5, S 6, INT 0., PD 0, FR 1, FF 0.

33. Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa | DL/EDGE | Notre Dame | 6‘-2”, 282 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 341
2021 stats: GP 11, T 26, TFL 6.5, S 2.5, INT 0, PD 1, FR 1, FF 1.

34. Joe Ozougwu | Arkansas State | 6’-3”, 205 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 347
2021 stats: GP 12, T 57, TFL 16, S 7.5, INT 0, PD 2, FR 0, FF 1.

35. Micheal Clemons | Texas A&M | 6’-5”, 270 lbs

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 348
2021 stats: GP 10, T 32, TFL 11, S 7, INT 0, PD 2, FR 1, FF 1.

Small School Sleepers

36. Samuel Wright II | Princeton

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 351

37. Josh Onujiogu | Framingham State

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 352

38. Erik Hansen | Upper Iowa

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 353

39. Joe Ozuogwu | Arkansas State

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 382

40. DeMarco Artis | West Florida

Andrew’s Overall Ranking: 388

Which EDGE rushers do you like in this class? Which ones make the most sense for the Steelers? Who is your favorite sleeper at this position? Be sure to light up the comment section below with your thoughts on this and all things Pittsburgh Steelers!