Am I the only one who thinks this was a master class of drafting?

The Steelers needed specific position QB, DE, ILB, WR and S.

They got THE best QB in the draft, a player ready to play now that doesn't have to play now and a player they know more than any other player in the draft. They know his good and his bad. When you need a QB, the most important position on the field, and then you get the best QB in the draft class at pick 20 you are doing well. Competition will help him grow but he doesn't need to start this year or next. Debate the QB class all you want - the reality is you can never tell. But, just like last year, nearly everyone says this guy is the best at his position in this draft, we need that position, and we get that guy. Nice work.

They got my favorite WR in the draft. Pickens destroyed SEC DBs... he will see many of them soon. Long, lean, fast, can catch, block, and run. Battled back from injury and always showed up in the big games. The best WR in the best college football division for defense... in round 2 pick 52. That is a steal. I trust the Steelers draft grades for WR. He doesn't even have to start right away - the competition will be good for his growth and help decide if DJ stays or DJ goes.

DeMarvin Leal was only an All American, All SEC, and a Ted Hendricks Award finalist. He played all over the D-line and excelled wherever they put him He's perfect for this team. Like the picks before him. he doesn't have to start right away but brings rotational depth and different look options to a defense that needs to confuse their opponents more.

Calvin Austin is not just straight line fast (4.32 forty) he was the fastest WR in the shuttle and cone drills at the combine and his vertical and broad jumps ranked 2nd and 3rd. Add toughness, returnability, and good hands to combine stats and you get a quality quality pick in round 4. We picked up a return guy in free agency but we drafted a dangerous weapon as another option.

Drafting Connor Heyward made me realize how much this organization values culture, team, and relationships. How cool is it that we have 4 sets of brothers. The FO doesn't just pick skills and force them to work. The FO picks players that are more than their skills or stats - they pick players who can fit in and fight together for each victory. I hope adding one brother doesn't mean the removal of another.

Who knows who Robinson or Oladokum even are? They both seem like great backups. I like when we pick guys that even the NFL.Com scouts didn't scout. This is the stuff legends are made of.

Don't trade up or trade back... stay calm. Get your guys when it's your pic. Addressing S in free agency right after the draft had to be part of this draft process. Adding Boykin, Gunner and Trubisky gave us the flexibility to draft and teach as opposed to making this rookie class play right away.

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