Cam Heyward and Kenny Pickett Will be Locker Mates


The Pittsburgh Steelers new quarterback is going to be sitting right next to their defensive captain in the locker room. According to Cam Heyward, he's Kenny Pickett's new locker mate this season. Heyward spoke with media following the selection of his brother Connor in the sixth round. He joked about his brother joining the team, but this isn't the first time he made fun of a new Steeler. Those jokes could haunt him when the two meet on the practice field and Pickett has an opportunity to throw some touchdowns against the defense. It'll also be a nice ice breaker when he moves into his locker next to Heyward. All jokes aside, though, Heyward has said more than once how excited he is to have Pickett on the team. Much like the rest of the Steelers. The latter means that certain customers would be able to watch Sunday games on FOX and can tune into NBC for the NFL live broadcast.