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11 regular season schedule nuggets for the 2022 Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers 2022 regular season schedule has been released, and it is time to take a deep dive into the slate of games.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers Rookie Minicamp Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers, along with the rest of the NFL, received their 2022 regular season schedules Thursday night, and everyone is pouring over the details of the new slate of games. It isn’t as if the opponents or locations weren’t already known, they were, but everyone is excited to go over the minutia of the schedule.

I love the schedule release, even though the NFL goes a bit overboard with it, and I love to take a deeper dive into the 17-game schedule. Here at 11 nuggets of black and gold goodness for you to digest related to the 2022 regular season schedule. Enjoy!

  • The last time the Steelers had a bye week in a double-digit week was back in 2015 when they had their bye in Week 11.

2015: Week 11
2016: Week 8
2017: Week 9
2018: Week 7
2019: Week 7
2020: Week 4 (Thanks, Titans)
2021: Week 7

  • The Steelers are opening up the season on the road vs. the Cincinnati Bengals, and this is a first for the rivalry. Since 2000, the Steelers have faced one team more than any other. The Cleveland Browns (4 times). But there were three teams who the Steelers have faced three times. They are: the Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots.
  • As if you haven’t heard yet, the Steelers will open on the road for the 9th straigh time. Blame the Pirates.
  • In Weeks 1-3, the Steelers will have played three games in 11 days, two of those being AFC North games.
  • The Steelers first five games of the 2022 regular season are against AFC opponents (CIN, NE, CLE, NYJ, BUF)
  • Throughout the 17-game schedule, the Steelers never have play three in a row either at home or on the road. As Art Rooney II said, the schedule is pretty balanced. I’d agree.
  • For the second straight year the NFL schedule makers have pushed the Steelers vs. Ravens game back towards the end of the season. Last year the Steelers played the Ravens in Weeks 13 and 18. This year they don’t play Baltimore till Week 14, and then again in Week 17. Neither being prime time games, unless they get flexed into that slot.
  • After Week 3, at Cleveland on Thursday night, the Steelers don’t play another divisional game until they host the Bengals in Week 11. After that, no divisional games until they host the Ravens in Week 14.
  • While the Steelers have the maximum amount of prime time games (5), the rest of their games are scheduled for 1 pm ET kickoffs. While this can change in the later portions of the season, not having any 4pm kickoffs is rare.
  • People use the term “revenge game” a lot, but the Steelers will have a genuine revenge game in 2022. That will be in Week 7 when Brian Flores and the Steelers’ defense travel to Miami to play the Dolphins on Sunday Night Football.
  • Will the Steelers be able to finally get a win in Philadelphia? It’s been since 1965, and they play the Eagles in the city of brotherly love in Week 8.

What were your thoughts on the Steelers 2022 schedule? Anything which stood out to you? Let us know in the comment section below, and be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the Steelers as they prepare for the rest of the offseason.