If not Pickett then Who?

For the past 3 days all I hear more often than not is Pickett was the wrong choice. Well okay if not Pickett then Who? You look at the remaining 12 picks and ask yourself "were they better options than Kenny Pickett?". I look at those 12 picks and TBH none of them would have been worth taking. Sure Linderbaum, Johnson and Lloyd are top end guys but the Steelers never went to there Pro-Days but knowing how so many Steeler Fans act when it comes to that I'm not surprised.

You fans know that both BTSC and Steelers Depot keep track of the Pro-Days and who shows up and who doesn't but Steeler Fans ignore that in favor of screaming of who should be there pick. Okay it's your right to do that but unless I'm mistaken your not the GM nor are you part of ownership so why is it so hard for some fans to just accept Pickett and move on?

I can break down those 12 picks after Pickett with ease so let's get started:

Jermaine Johnson-High End Pass Rusher but where would he play? Highsmith is staying as the guy opposite of Watt so taking Johnson would mean they are giving up on Alex but that ain't happening despite how many Steeler Fans treat Highsmith.

Tyler Linderbaum-Like Johnson he is a Top End guy but they have Cole and there not giving up on Green no matter how much you the fans want them to.

Cole Strange and Tyler Smith-Figure it yourselves

Devin Lloyd-Just as they are not giving up on Highsmith and Green there not giving up on Bush even a majority of fans already have.

Hill and Cine-Both good Safeties but the Steelers were not looking for that position so they passed and given how both came at the end of Rd1 shows me they probably would have been 2nd Rd picks.

Walker and Wyatt are good players but Wyatt was off the Steelers board and Walker while good had no shot at being drafted by the Steelers as there ILB spots were set.

Kair Elam-Good CB but the team felt comfortable with there starters in Wallace and Witherspoon even if many see differently.

Karlaftis and McDuffie-The team wasn't interested in either 1 and never went to there Pro-Days so they felt that neither one was a fit for there Defense.

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