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Steelers fans expecting Trubisky, not Pickett, to be the Week 1 starting quarterback

The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback competition is getting ready to heat up, but fans believe the Week 1 starter will be Mitchell Trubisky.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers pending quarterback battle is going to be something to watch as Organized Team Activities (OTAs), mandatory minicamp and training camp approach. Prior to the 2022 NFL Draft, the quarterback battle was staged as Mason Rudolph vs. Mitchell Trubisky.

However, after the draft, and the Steelers picking Kenny Pickett 20th overall, the waters have become a bit more muddy. Now, instead of it being Trubisky vs. Rudolph, the discussion is more about Trubisky vs. Pickett as offseason workouts approach.

The debate of who will start for the Steelers in Week 1 has been a hot-button discussion among Steelers fans for the past few weeks, and while no one knows for sure who will claim the title of the first quarterback in the post-Ben Roethlisberger era, it doesn’t stop fans for having a rooting interest.

This week I posed several questions to the BTSC community, and the response was strong for all the burning questions surrounding the Steelers. One of those questions was who fans believe will be the team’s Week 1 starter when the Steelers hit the road to play the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium.

When the polls were closed, the fan base made their opinions clear...they believe Trubisky will be the guy under center to start the season. Check out the DraftKings Reacts results below:

Most would agree, the best thing for a young quarterback is to be given the opportunity to ease their way into the starting role. For Steelers fans, they immediately think of Ben Roethlisberger’s 2004 season where he entered in Week 2, but didn’t lose a start until the AFC Championship game that season.

There have been plenty of examples of quarterbacks thrust into the position as starter, and not live up to their first round pick designation. The list is long, and the Steelers are hoping the team doesn’t repeat the same history for their newest quarterback.

With that said, the difference between Pickett and other quarterbacks is how much he has played in college. With 49 career starts at the University of Pittsburgh over a five year span has him more than prepared to be the guy, if he wins the job. The key word being “if” if he wins the job.

Since 2004 the Steelers have known who their quarterback will be heading into a season. Now starts a new era, and the fan base feels the next quarterback to be named starter will be Trubisky, not Pickett.

Be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the Steelers as they prepare for the rest of the offseason program leading up to training camp.