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Toxicology report shows Dwayne Haskins was intoxicated when killed in Florida

The Florida toxicology report shows Haskins was legally drunk at the time he was struck by a truck and killed.

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It was April 9th when the news broke of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins being struck by a truck and killed in Florida. As the news sent shockwaves throughout the Steelers, Washington and Ohio State communities, there was always an aspect of the accident which didn’t add up.

Why was Haskins out of his vehicle on the side of a busy road before dawn? If his vehicle ran out of gas, why didn’t he call for help? Without running the gambit of questions which were brought up after his passing, everyone knew answers were going to be a while off as the Florida Highway Patrol had to launch an investigation into the accident.

Monday afternoon the Broward County Medical Examiner released the toxicology report on Haskins. This is what the report showed, via ESPN:

According to the toxicology report, two separate samples taken from Haskins’ body had alcohol levels of .20 and .24, both of which are above the legal limit in Florida of .08. According to the report, Haskins also tested positive for ketamine and norketamine, drugs that are used by medical professionals as anesthetics but that also have been known to be used recreationally.

The medical examiner’s report also gave more details on Haskins time in Florida, which wasn’t just spent with his Steelers teammates while working out with newly signed quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

The report included:

Haskins, 24, was in Florida that weekend to train with Pittsburgh Steelers teammates. According to the investigation report, a Steelers official told the medical examiner’s office that the night before his death, Haskins went to dinner with a cousin or friend, whose name was “Joey,” and then later went to a nightclub, “possibly in Miami.”

“They drank heavily and at some point, they got into a fight, separating,” the report states.

The news of Haskins having alcohol, and other substances, in his body at the time of his death doesn’t change the tragedy surrounding the event. The loss of a 24 year-old, about to turn 25 in May, is tragic enough. Our thoughts go out to Haskins’ family and friends as they now have to deal with this news months after the accident.