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When it comes to the quarterback competition, fans should be on ‘Team Steelers’

Even if you have a preference on who wins the job for Week 1, should Steelers fans be wanting one of their own players to fail?

NFL: Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Team Pickett.

Team Mitch.

Team Mason.

Even Team Ola.

Over the next four months leading up to the 2022 NFL regular season, Steelers fans are likely going to be aligning themselves into various groups based on who they would like to see as the starting quarterback this season. Whether or not these individuals will form together into collective groups in order to hold various secret meetings remains to be seen, but there are many who have strong opinions about the subject and are ready to square off with others in opposition parties.

Before I go any farther, I have to make sure we all understand what I’m NOT saying. It’s fine for people to have players they like over others. Having a favorite player is not a problem. Wanting to see your favorite player succeed is not a problem. Hoping the Pittsburgh Steelers fail because you want for your favorite player over someone else, that’s a whole different story.

Before people start dividing themselves in a different factions, remember where we all are starting from. We are all Pittsburgh Steelers fans. Whoever or whatever gives the team the best chance to win games on the field should be our first concern. Hoping someone else is a flop simply because the person you want to see isn’t beneficial to the overall team. What happens if you’re cheering very hard for all other options to fail just so your guy gets the chance only to see him do the same thing? Then what happens? Is that really what you want to wish on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Even though I’m saying this, we’re still going to find plenty of so-called Steelers fans who will be actively cheering against players on their own roster because they like somebody else. We saw it in 2019 in regards to Duck Hodges and Mason Rudolph. I actually found it quite sickening how hard Steelers fans would root against their own player/team. It even got to a point some fans were rooting for injuries, something so abhorrent I won’t even apply it to this season. Unfortunately, I’m bracing myself to see some of these same thoughts again for 2022.

Instead of all this division and pulling for ‘Team Pickett’ or ‘Team Mitch,’ why don’t we simply do what I plan on doing? Why can’t we hope that all the players succeed? Why not hope that all four of the quarterbacks on the Steelers roster at this time end up completely balling out throughout the 2022 preseason? Wouldn’t that be a great problem? Wouldn’t that put the Pittsburgh Steelers in a much better situation for the season? What would be the downside of such a thing?

For those out there loving the Kenny Pickett selection by Steelers, I understand you want to get your #8 jerseys and have them ready to go as soon as possible. But if it takes other players performing badly just to get him on the field, is that really what you want to see from the Steelers? I would have no problem with Kenny Pickett being the starter right away for the Steelers if he blows us all away throughout the preseason. That’s what I want to see. I want to see all the quarterbacks tearing it up and making the decision as hard as possible for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

For those of you that loved the free agent acquisition of Mitch Trubisky and feel he has a lot left in the tank after being in a bad situation in Chicago for four years, I get that as well. But I also don’t want those fans to hope you have another quarterback fail just so Mitch gets his chance in Pittsburgh.

Before letting the whole topic go, I also want to make sure there’s one other thing were this should not be mistaken. If one of these players does not play well, it’s okay to criticize them when they don’t play well. That’s the nature of the game. It’s not that anyone is beyond criticism, but hoping that someone plays poorly before they take the field at all is a whole different issue.

Hopefully this is just a gentle reminder of where our priorities really should lie. First and foremost, we are fans of Pittsburgh Steelers. Secondly, we have favorite players within the team we would like to see succeed. Thirdly, rooting against players on your own team doesn’t ultimately support the first statement.