A Different Standard Under Art 2

Over the past week, Sports personality Colin Cowherd mentioned that the standard has changed in Pittsburgh, that the Steelers no longer seek Super Bowls, but instead accept and take pride in having pro bowl caliber players, and making said players the highest paid at their positions.

I do not agree with what Colin said. If you have top talent, pay that talent, that necessarily doesn’t mean the standard is changing, just because you’re paying a player that hasn’t won a super bowl. However, I do agree with Colin in the sense that their has been a change in the Standard. And that starts with Art Rooney the 2nd.

Ever since Art Rooney the 2nd took over for his late great father Dan, the standard in Pittsburgh has changed and the franchise hasn’t been the same. Art has made many questionable decisions that have hurt the Steelers, and have possibly even set them back. The Chief has Super Bowls and so does Dan, none of the Steelers success has been in part of Art 2.

Art 2 took over fully after the passing of his father Dan in 2017, although Dan has had his fair say in years prior, he has been the lead captain starting in the 2017 season, and has had questionable decisions since. Some of those decisions deal with the coaching staff.

In so sense am I about to blame Tomlin for anything. I believe Tomlin is one of the greatest coaches in the league, I am talking more so about the assistant coaching staff and the possible lack there of. Art 2 refuses to get with the times and pay the prices required for both an on field coaching staff and a front office staff. The Steelers continue to poorly pay the right people on the coaching staff, instead opting for the cheaper decisions like promoting quarterback coaches and defensive back coaches and so on. Art 2 must come to terms with the times and open his pockets a little in those regards.

Next, comes the front office. The Pittsburgh Steelers have one of the smallest front offices in the entire NFL. Around a third the size of the Kansas City Chiefs. Imagine that, another NFL team having 3 times the size a front office staff as you do. There’s no question the chiefs have had more success since 2017 and that is in large part why.

Another questionable decision that Art 2 has made that I believe set back the franchise at least a year, and I know I will catch hate for this, but it was super questionable for him to bring back Ben after the 2020 season. Rumors have swirled that Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin did not want Ben back, but after Ben cried to Art 2, Art decided to give Ben another year, which just stalled the inevitable.

Finally, it is no secret that Art 2 does not have nearly the presence with the players that his dad Dan did. Dan was so close to the players, and I believe that helped lead to success. Having that kind of relationship with the owner is important to players, it helps make them feel more part of the franchise. Art 2 just hasn’t done that at all. Although he’s not exactly the most reliable guy, AB has been outspoken about this. And I agree, I wish Art 2 had a better relationship with the players.

I’m not meaning to bash Art 2 a ton here, but it is obvious he has made his mistakes and it has lead to less success and we may be lined up to continue to have problems down the road due to his poor decisions.

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