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Be a part of the BTSC Fan Post weekly contest/question

The “dog days” of Steeler Football are here, but this may help pass that time until the Black and Gold re-take the field.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers Minicamp Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

I still find myself sneaking into the Fan Post section of BTSC. Even with such great content on the front page, there are occasionally some solid articles still being written there. In the past, I have made a point to pass on some of those articles to our Senior Editor, and in return he has posted many of those articles on the front page. Not only does it provide exposure for someone interested in writing, but it can provide BTSC with potential future writers.

This particular idea is not my own, but one from Pin Stripe Alley, where the Editor poses a writing subject/question and the members that are interested write about that subject or question in a Fan Post. The winner gets their respective article posted on the front page.

Every Monday for the next six weeks I will provide a subject or question. The article must be submitted by Friday of the same week with plans for it to be published on Sunday. In the heading of the article make sure to add that it is for the Front Page Submission. also attach your own article heading.

Example: Front Page Submission - Pickett not Marino, Steelers refused to let another Pitt Panther QB slip by them

I shouldn’t have to remind everyone, but I will. Make sure all articles submitted follows the SB Nation/Vox/CORAL Guidelines. Those that don’t will not be considered.

This Week’s Subject/Question:

The signing of Larry Ogunjobi was yet another piece to the 2022 Steelers Puzzle. There are concerns with his 2021 injury, but you have to admit Omar Khan is doing things. I still expect an extension, or maybe even two, but I get the feeling he isn’t done in terms of adding to the roster.

In that spirit, put on your GM glasses and find me a trade that could benefit the 2022 Steelers, or even beyond. Keep in mind there is a salary cap and let’s keep it with in reason, but by all means be creative in your article.

Thanks again for this week’s submissions and as always Stay Safe and Go Steelers!