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Saturday Night Steelers Open Thread: Did someone say bacon?

Time to enjoy some time with fellow fans of the black and gold!

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Pittsburgh Steelers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


Yes that tasty treat that deserves to be well done / crispy and most certainly NOT limp. Cooking bacon properly is a must as if you don’t cook it until it is crispy it just isn’t worth the trouble, the fat and the calories.

Peameal bacon (what the uneducated call Canadian Bacon) is NOT to be confused with BACON. It has it’s own name for gosh sakes. Furthermore, I have to point out to some of you false foodies that Peameal Bacon is most certainly not ham either.

If you care to learn...

Or for a real authority

Peameal Bacon is cut from the loin. Please stop with the nonsense.

Bacon is royalty in the world of pork. Peameal bacon can be very good when sliced thickly and cooked very quickly on the bbq at very high heat. But it just is not bacon!

Now, on to the questions...

  1. With Tuitt retiring, DJ causing ‘controversy’ and a relatively younger roster, are you fearful that our leadership won’t be able to handle the regular ‘drama’ of an NFL locker room this season?
  2. Merrill Hoge came out guns ‘ablazin’ regarding Devin Bush. He was so critical he stated that the Steelers should just cut him. What are your thoughts on what the Steelers a) will do and b) should do?
  3. If an offer were presented to you as acting GM for Diontae that was comprised of a 1st but it was for the 2024 draft would you make the move? If not, what would you counter with?
  4. Now that the first long weekend of the summer is out of the way, what big project do you have planned to be completed by Labor Day? If not, which neighbor, friend or family member are you helping and what with?
  5. A question from one of our listeners! Pancakes. waffles, or FRENCH TOAST??? And no one (or two) words answers here, justify your response by making our mouths water with your go to moves to back up your smack talk.