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Be a part of the BTSC Steelers Fan Post weekly contest/question

The “dog days” of Steeler Football are here, but this may help pass that time until the Black and Gold re-take the field.

Big 12 Championship - Oklahoma v TCU Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

I still find myself sneaking into the Fan Post section of BTSC. Even with such great content on the front page, there are occasionally some solid articles still being written there. In the past, I have made a point to pass on some of those articles to our Senior Editor, and in return he has posted many of those articles on the front page. Not only does it provide exposure for someone interested in writing, but it can provide BTSC with potential future writers.

This particular idea is not my own, but one from Pin Stripe Alley, where the Editor poses a writing subject/question and the members that are interested write about that subject or question in a Fan Post. The winner gets their respective article posted on the front page.

Every Monday for the next six weeks I will provide a subject or question. The article must be submitted by Friday of the same week with plans for it to be published on Sunday. In the heading of the article make sure to add that it is for the Front Page Submission. also attach your own article heading.

Example: Front Page Submission - Pickett not Marino, Steelers refused to let another Pitt Panther QB slip by them

I shouldn’t have to remind everyone, but I will. Make sure all articles submitted follows the SB Nation/Vox/CORAL Guidelines. Those that don’t will not be considered.

This Week’s Question/Subject

Ben Roethlisberger once suggested (paraphrasing here) the Steelers’ brass should have used the pick on something other than a quarterback. Mason Rudolph was selected in the 2018 NFL Draft with Pick 76 of the 3rd Round. Roethlisberger also was less than cordial in his stance and mentorship of the rookie. I don’t begrudge Roethlisberger on that because he was the entrenched starter and well on his way to a Hall of Fame career. This has been discussed a few times around these parts and throughout Steeler Nation over the years.

Long story short, we as fans love to think of the what if’s. The Steelers spent a Top 100 pick on a quarterback that, unless something insane happens, will most likely not be on the roster after this season and there is “speculation” Rudolph could be traded before the season starts. My opinion is he will be cut/released without a trade.

With that said, and looking back at the 2018 draft, tell me who you would have taken and how that player fits into the 2022 roster. There are dynamics such as future drafts and Free Agency that your player that is chosen could impact. Remember this is a player in his perceived prime. I know who I would have taken, but I want to see who you would have taken.

As always stay safe and Go Steelers...we getting closer to camp!