2018 NFL Re-Draft shows the Steelers had options not named Mason Rudolph

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If not Mason Rudolph, then who?

The 2018 NFL Draft wasn't one of my favorites. In fact, I'd argue it was one of former General Manager (GM) Kevin Colbert's worst.

Let's review, shall we?

The Steelers draft went thus:

  • Terrell Edmunds Rd1, pick 28
  • James Washington Rd 2 pick 60
  • Mason Rudolph Rd 3 pick 76
  • Chukwuma Okorafor Rd 3 pick 92
  • Marcus Allen Rd 5 pick 148
  • Jalen Samuels Rd 5 pick 165
  • Joshua Frazier Rd 7 pick 246

No All-Pros, no Pro Bowls, although four of them are actually still on the team, for now. As far as being impacting, aside from Edmunds maybe, not so much.

So, onto the question...

The Pittsburgh Steelers future Hall of Fame quarterback expressed his displeasure with the Rudolph selection. In hindsight, he was right. Not only was the need to draft a backup QB questionable, so was not drafting other players who would've offered far more value.

Of the players taken immediately after Rudolph, to me the most obvious is Orlando Brown Jr, especially given that Chuks Okorafor was taken just a few picks later. Brown became a proven performer for the Baltimore Ravens and subsequently the Kansas City Chiefs. Whereas, Chuks was once beaten out by the professional bench rider extraordinaire, Zack "ouch, I've got a splinter, back to IR" Banner, and is one of the first guys fans would replace if given the keys to the front office.

After Brown, the players I'd have chosen are so far removed from what the Steelers would, or are ever likely to have done, it's barely worth mentioning. But I have the microphone, so I'll keep going.

Two words -- Jordan Mailata. Taken in the 7th by the Philadelphia Eagles, he was a project, an extremely large project, but he wouldn't have even nominated for the draft had scouts and the NFL's Pathway Program told him he wasn't a chance. They knew it, he dreamt it, but the good old conservative Rooney and Colbert double team thought Chuks was a better option. Mailata was a long shot, but within four years he's practically lapped Chuks to be one of the top offensive tackles in the league.

Mailata's a walking, talking post office with a nasty streak. He really doesn't like defenders touching his QB, and he really likes pancakes. Mailata was a Steeler in waiting, bt alas, it didn't happen.

After Mailata, I'd have taken Michael Dickson. Yeah, he's a punter, calm down, this is my hypothetical, get your own.

The Steelers recently used a 7th Round pick on a punter who, so far, has somehow proven to be less reliable than the guy he replaced (it's ok Jeff, I won't mention his name Jordan Berry). So if they're open to using a 7th, they could've used a 3rd, especially since they had two at the time. Dickson was re-signed by the Seahawks as the highest paid punter, at the time, and we know how the Steelers love to have the highest paid at whatever position. Oh, and he's actually a really good punter, consistent too. Like Mailata he's Australian, and Aussies do know how to kick a football. And he brought back the drop kick, which for some reason mesmerized all 330 million of you.

After those three, I would've tried to trade up and take Fred Warner. He was a draft darling around BTSC for a while. He's proven to be a steal for the 3rd round.

But hey, what do I know? Let me know what you reckon, or else!

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