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Get the latest BTSC shirt “I’m still calling it Heinz Field”

Hate the name of the Steelers stadium? Get the latest BreakingT shirt to tell everyone what you think!

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have a new home, and it is not Heinz Field anymore. It is Acrisure Stadium. After the team made the announcement official Monday, fans have been in an uproar over the decision.

Some have been upset the organization chose a company from Michigan. Others were hoping they would find another local company to get the naming rights. Most just wanted the name Heinz Field to remain and not change a thing.

Nonetheless, many fans are saying they won’t be calling it anything different. Regardless of what name is on the outside, it will always be Heinz Field. So, this inspired BreakingT to put together a t-shirt design for all those fans out there who feel this way.

It reads: I’m Still Calling It Heinz Field

Check out the design below:

By now, you might be wondering how to order yours? Just click the link below, and get yours today!!

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