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Looking at some all-time Heinz Field records

As the Steelers home venue transitions to Acrisure Stadium, who and what are some of the all-time leaders at Heinz Field?

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

As the Pittsburgh Steelers move out of the Heinz Field era into whatever it will be called with Acrisure Stadium, there are a number of things that happened at “Heinz Field” that are now complete. In the most recent episode on Steelers Stat Geek podcast, I outlined several records From Heinz Field to give it a proper statistical sendoff.

Even though it will be the same seats, scoreboard, locker rooms, and sidelines all in the same building for the 2022 season, it just won’t be Heinz Field anymore. For this reason, the following records will be the ones that stand at Heinz Field moving forward. As a reminder, the following numbers are for NFL teams and individuals at the Steelers home stadium from 2001 through 2021 in both the regular and postseason as recorded by Pro Football Reference.

Team Records

Most Wins
Pittsburgh Steelers: 130
Baltimore Ravens: 9
Cincinnati Bengals: 7

Most Losses
Pittsburgh Steelers: 76
Cleveland Browns: 25
Baltimore Ravens: 16
NOTE: The Steelers defeated all 31 NFL teams at Heinz Field

Most Wins in a Season
9 (2004)
8 (2008 and 2001)

Most Wins by an Opponent in a Season
2 (Jacksonville Jaguars: 2007 and 2017)

Most turnovers in a game by the Steelers
6 (Steelers vs. Broncos in 2006)

Most takeaways in a game by the Steelers
5 (Steelers vs. Cowboys in 2008)

Most sacks in a game by the Steelers
9 (Steelers vs. Browns in 2021)

Most sacks surrendered in a game by the Steelers
6 (Steelers vs. Ravens in 2010 playoffs)

Most points scored in a game by the Steelers
52 (Steelers vs. Panthers in 2018)
51 (Steelers vs Colts in 2014)

Most points scored in a game against the Steelers
48 (Steelers vs. Browns in 2020 playoffs)
45 (Steelers vs. Jaguars in 2017 playoffs)

Most point differential in a game by the Steelers
38 (Steelers vs. Chiefs in 2006, 45-7)

Most point differential in a game against the Steelers
24 (Steelers vs. Ravens in 2006, 31-7)

Individual Records

Rushing touchdowns
Jerome Bettis: 32
Rashard Mendenhall: 22
James Conner: 17

Receiving touchdowns
Antonio Brown: 53
Hines Ward: 43
Heath Miller: 28

Passing touchdowns
Ben Roethlisberger: 257
Tommy Maddox: 28
Joe Flacco: 17

FIeld Goals
Jeff Reed: 112
Chris Boswell: 104
Shaun Suisham: 67

Kick returns for touchdowns
Josh Cribbs: 2

Punt returns for touchdowns
Antwaan Randle El: 5
Antonio Brown: 4

James Farrior: 651
Lawrence Timmons: 563
James Harrison: 460

James Harrison: 56.0
T.J. Watt: 50.0
Cam Heyward: 43.5

Troy Polamalu: 20
DeShea Townsend: 12
Brent Alexander: 11

Interceptions returned for touchdowns
Troy Polamalu: 4
DeShea Townsend: 3

Games Played
Ben Roethlisberger: 135
James Harrison: 98
Casey Hampton: 95
Greg Warren: 94
Hines Ward: 93
Ike Tayler: 92
Brett Keisel: 89
William Gay: 88
Larry Foote: 87
Cam Heyward: 87
Heath Miller: 87
Troy Polamalu: 87

The entire Steelers Stat Geek podcast can be heard here: