I'm Acrisure I'll Be Calling It Three Rivers

I was ok with Heinz because it had character, "The Big Ketchup Bottle" isn't a bad way to be able to refer to your home field. And to me it was a recognition of Hines Ward, even if in reality the homophony was a pure coincidence. It hurt to lose a great name like Three Rivers, but times change, and I found a way to change with them.

This, though... I didn't even know what Acrisure was until I looked it up, and now that I know it's even worse. There's just no connection at all, no character to make it fun, no sense of history, it's just dumb. It's like McDonalds selling a 2023 Honda Accord Burger. It's like the clumsiest possible product placement in a movie, where just before the hero passes out from exhaustion and hunger on the desert island, he manages to gasp "I sure do wish... I had some rich chocolatey cocoa puffs right now... they're packed with essential vitamins and nutrients... for strong bones and teeth."

At some point enough is enough. Acrisure has NOTHING to do with the Steelers, or their stadium, or football, or even entertainment in general, other than that they paid a lot of money so that people will lie and say they do. I didn't take any money to mention their stupid insurance company whenever I mention the Steelers' home field, and I see no reason to acknowledge them in that way. I'm not entirely against selling naming rights in principle, but this particular sponsorship is a bridge too far, and this particular fan will be referring to the Steelers' home field as Three Rivers again from now on.

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