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The 2022 State of BTSC Address

The Pittsburgh Steelers report to training camp TODAY, and it’s time to address the BTSC faithful before things kickoff.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Well, well, well...fancy meeting you here.

If you are a regular here at BTSC and you virtually walk into the comment section like Norm on the legendary show Cheers, then welcome back! However, if you are new to these parts, let me introduce myself and many others who call this fine establishment home.

My name is Jeff Hartman, and I am the Senior Editor here at BTSC. I’ve been the main in charge of this shin-dig since the 2015 NFL Draft when the Steelers selected some pass rusher out of Kentucky named Alvin “Bud” Dupree. Outside of two months since then, this site, in all its many facets, has been a large part of my life. You’ll see my name plenty under articles, mainly news articles and highlighting what other sites are saying about the Steelers. On top of that, I also do several podcasts a week, but when it comes to the one I love the most, it is by far my Let’s Ride podcast every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. More on that later...but I can’t run this site by myself, I need help. Here are some other names you should know.

Dave Schofield — Editor

Dave has been with the site for several seasons now, and is my No. 2 at BTSC. You’ll see his name almost as much, if not more, than mine throughout the year. On top of writing, Dave also podcasts a lot and hosts his own Steelers Stat Geek podcast every Thursday morning. Let me put it this way, I couldn’t do this without Dave always being there to lend a helping hand.

Bryan Davis — Podcast Producer

Believe it or not, Bryan has been with the site almost as long as I have, but his role has changed a lot throughout the years. He started out strictly as a writer, then writer/podcaster, now writer/podcaster/podcast producer. Bryan’s work on the podcast side helps me focus more on the global product of BTSC, and his work is beyond valued.

The three of us, myself, Dave and Bryan, make up the brain trust of BTSC, but we also have a ton of help in every facet. Below is our own “roster” and the roles they have at the site. Take a look:

Tony Defeo — Writer/Podcaster — Longest tenured BTSC member, and expert in satire.
Kevin Smith (aka CHISAP) — Writer/Podcaster/Film Room — He’s forgotten more about football than I’ll ever know.
Geoffrey Benedict — Writer/Podcaster/Film Room — He and Kevin make an unbelievable duo for those who love the X’s and O’s, and are what makes BTSC great.
Shannon White — Writer/Podcaster — Another long-time BTSC member who turned from a reader to a content producer. Shannon does great work, and is a large voice in the community.
Andrew Wilbar — Writer/Podcaster — Our local NFL Draft guru. He’s young, but he knows his stuff...just don’t bring up Malik Willis around him.
Jeremy Betz — Writer/Podcaster — One of our newest additions to the team has improved by leaps and bounds since coming on board. Great addition to draft coverage, as well as fantasy football.
Bradley Locker — Writer — Another young member of the BTSC staff, but keep your eye on this kid in the future, he’ll be moving onward and upward before you know it.

We have some writers who do volunteer work here and there, but for the vast majority of our content, the roster you see above is where that content will come from. As for podcasts, we do have some voices which won’t show up on the masthead of BTSC, but are contributors. Here is our weekly lineup, and who hosts the shows:

Monday: Let’s Ride, Jeff Hartman / BAD Language, Bryan Davis / Steelers Hangover, Bryan Davis, Shannon White, Tony Defeo

Tuesday: From the Cutting Room Floor, Geoffrey Benedict / The Steelers Fix, Jeremy Betz, Andrew Wilbar / Scho Bro Show: Rich and Dave Schofield

Wednesday: Let’s Ride, Jeff Hartman / War Room, Matty Peverell / The Curtain Call, Geoffrey Benedict, Shannon White

Thursday: Steelers Stat Geek, Dave Schofield / What Yinz Talkin’ About, Kyle Chris, Greg Benevent / Steelers Preview, Jeff Hartman, Bryan Davis, Dave Schofield

Friday: Let’s Ride, Jeff Hartman / Here We Go, the Steelers Show, Bryan Davis, Kevin Smith / Six Pack with Tony, Tony Defeo

Saturday: Steelers Touchdown Under, Matty Peverell and Mark Davison / State of the Steelers, Daniel J

Sunday: We Run the North, Kevin Tate

As the season progresses, some of these days/times will change and new shows, like the post-game show, will be added.

I can’s stress enough how proud I am of everyone who contributes to BTSC in any way. It is all of their hard work which makes this thing tick. On top of that, I want to thank you, the reader, for being here for the vast majority of the year, if not the entire year.

We have some big things in store for you this season, so I hope you are as ready as ever for the 2022 Pittsburgh Steelers season to kick off.

Here. We. Go.