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There is one starter for the 2022 Steelers who is still not on the roster

In the “30 Scenarios in 30 Days” series, we break down situations which could take place for the Steelers in 2022.

Tennessee Titans v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers are preparing for the 2022 regular season, but before the real games begin, the team has to head to training camp back at St. Vincent College in order to fine tune their skills. As we here at BTSC prepare you for the start of camp, we give you a series called “30 Scenarios in 30 Days” which gives you a Steelers scenario every day leading up to the start of camp.

It is simple how it works. We provide you the scenario, reasons why it will or won’t happen, and then our prediction for what we think will take place.

Let’s get to the scenario...

Scenario: There is one starter for the 2022 Steelers who is still not on the roster

Why it will happen: The 2022 Pittsburgh Steelers do not seem to be content with standing still and not looking for ways to improve. With new general manager Omar Khan, it appears that if the Steelers have a need he is going to go out and look to make a move if it is available and it makes financial sense. Therefore, If there appears to be a deficiency or significant injury, look for the Steelers to add another player along the way in order to cover for anything needed. Last season, it was the retirement of Vince Williams just before training camp which caused the Steelers to trade for Joe Schobert. When the need arises, the Steelers show they will do what is necessary to start off the season.

Why it won’t happen: The Steelers have been very active in free agency throughout the 2022 offseason. They have added a good number of players and re-signed some of their own, so now they are in a position where they appear to have all their starters in place. While fans possibly may want to add another offensive tackle into the mix, I don’t know that it would be enough to displace one of the current starters. Because the Steelers have continued to make these moves, they did an adequate job of getting in on the best available options early. Add in the fact the Steelers don’t have much more when it comes to the salary cap and what they will need going into 2022, although they could restructure T.J. Watt to free up a lot more money, the Steelers will have to be more strategic with anything additional they would spend the season.

Prediction: This time, I’m going to agree with the scenario. While some fans may have a specific position they have in mind they would like the Steelers to upgrade before the regular season begins, I am not going to go that far. I am simply thinking the likely scenario is the Steelers could suffer an injury somewhere on the roster and would like to add a replacement prior to the start of the season. If the Steelers emerge from training camp and the preseason uninjured, it is an absolute blessing and they would be fine. But sometimes teams need to prepare for the worst, so knowing who is available across the board should an injury occur is something the updated front office will be prepared to do if the situation arises.

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