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Saturday Night Steelers Open Thread: Made in the USA edition

Time again for another Saturday night meeting of the minds!

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs
It’s always a good sign when TJ is being chased by a TE
Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

Due to popular demand I’m getting a second shot at knocking canuck from his spot atop the Saturday Open Thread mountain. I think my popularity stems from my shameless use of a cute dog picture as an icon to garner support.

Dog update: Henry is still getting by on his looks and he’s the only dog I’ve ever known that really doesn’t want to go for a walk. He’ll go, but after a block or so, he hits the breaks frequently, and sometimes just lays down wherever he’s sitting. So far, not in a crosswalk, thankfully.

Actually, I believe it’s another holiday in Canada, because as we all know, everyday’s a holiday in Canada.

1. I’m stealing from a comment of Pittsblitz56 from, The Steelers didn’t sign Damontae Kazee with Terrell Edmunds in mind, article, link below. List these players in order who will help the Steelers most to least in 2022-23. Go ahead a give us a quick explanation.

  • Bush
  • Edmunds
  • Green
  • Rudolph

2. My go-to food is what we call Mexican here in the states, what is your “I’m always up for ______________” cuisine?

3. I’ll steal again, this time from, The Steelers will have the NFL’s most expensive defense, but should it be the best?, article, link below. What’s the lowest ranking you would be satisfied with in 2022-23?

4. Another pet question. We are not cat people in the SNW household. We have had/have 4 dogs, 3 tarantulas, and 2 goldfish, a black one named Troy, and a gold one named Joe. What’s your type of pet?

5. I ran into T.J. Watt at Costco today, ok the person checking us out was wearing a home 90 Watt jersey. She was tall and blonde, so kinda close. Where’s the oddest place you’ve ran into a celebrity type person?