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4 players mentioned by Mike Tomlin following Tuesday’s training camp practice

Speaking to the media following practice each day of training camp, the Steelers head coach answered a few questions about specific players.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

As the 2022 Pittsburgh Steelers continued their work on the practice field for training camp in Latrobe on Tuesday, we were also graced with a media session from head coach Mike Tomlin. Despite his brief responses and not many questions, it’s time for another installment of the “players mentioned” article. Remember these are current players where a specific question was asked during the Q&A period.

Benny Snell Jr.

The Steelers continue to get a number of players back on the practice field as they head towards Saturday night’s preseason game, and Coach Tomlin mention in his opening statement about players coming back some additional reps as they need the exposure. Coach Tomlin was asked if Benny Snell is one of the players he wanted to get back in order to get a look at him.

“No, he wasn’t. Benny has been out here, largely. We know Benny. He wouldn’t fall into that category.”

Cam Heyward & Minkah Fitzpatrick

Two of the most vocal leaders on the Pittsburgh Steelers defense are All-Pros Cam Heyward and Minkah Fitzpatrick. Coach Tomlin was asked about the significance of having Hayward and Fitzpatrick so involved throughout training camp and if their competitiveness rubs off on others

“We expect that from those guys. You can’t lead from the back and those guys are leaders for us, and their presence is always felt.”

In a follow-up question, Coach Tomlin was asked if there is a way for them to free up Minkah Fitzpatrick in order to be able to create more turnovers.

“Believe me, there is nothing wrong with Minkah or his turnover ability or tally. Sometimes, it’s circumstantial. We didn’t stop the run well enough a year ago, so if you’re looking for something to blame in regard to that, or a storyline relative to that, Minkah’s a great football player. There was no lack of production in that area from him.”

George Pickens

Keeping with the discussion of about Minkah Fitzpatrick, he had a number of one-on-one battles in Tuesday’s practice against rookie wide receiver George Pickens. Coach Tomlin was asked how Pickens did going up against the All-Pro safety.

“Ask George. The exposure was not for Minkah, it was for George.”

In a follow-up question, Coach Tomlin was asked if that was something they specifically built into practice or if it was something the players asked to do.

“It was thoughtful by us.”

Mike Tomlin’s media session can be seen below: