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Raiders and Vikings trade sets market for back-up quarterback compensation

What could the Steelers get for Mason Rudolph in a trade? If the Nick Mullens trade says anything, the answer is not much.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Las Vegas Raiders Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

There is a large contingent of the Pittsburgh Steelers fan base who wants to see the team part ways with veteran quarterback Mason Rudolph. All across social media, on all platforms, comments like these are stated almost daily:

“The Steelers should trade Mason Rudolph for a Day 2 pick!”

“Steelers should trade Rudolph for a starting tackle/guard.”

“Rudolph should be traded for a starting cornerback.”

You get the picture, but no one truly knows what type of compensation a back-up quarterback would garner on the open market. Well, until now. Monday morning the Las Vegas Raiders shipped back-up quarterback Nick Mullens to the Minnesota Vikings.

What did the Raiders get for him?

A conditional 2024 7th Round draft pick.

Yes, all they got was a conditional, meaning the pick could change, 7th round pick in 2024. So, for all those people hoping and praying the Steelers could maybe get a 4th round pick, or even a 5th, for Rudolph, that might be wishful thinking.

An argument could be made Rudolph is better than Mullens, but the numbers don’t really make that argument.

Mullens is in his 4th year in the league, has started 17 games, winning 5, while throwing 26 touchdowns to 22 interceptions.

Rudolph, in his 5th year, has started 10 games, winning 5, while throwing 16 touchdowns to 11 interceptions.

The true difference between the two quarterbacks would be the organizations they’ve called home. Rudolph has always had the stability of the Steelers organization, while Mullens has been a part of the Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers, Raiders and now Vikings in his four years in the league.

The Steelers might part ways with Rudolph, after all, anything is possible, but if anyone is expecting a high return for him you might want to think again. Barring an injury to a starting quarterback, the going rate for back-up quarterbacks isn’t great.

But you never know, the Steelers somehow got a 5th Round pick for Joshua Dobbs via the Jacksonville Jaguars not too long ago. So stay tuned.