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Bringing the tailgate to your home for the Steelers game is always a great call

Not able to make it to the stadium this season? Stay home and cook up some Steelers-themed food like “Bill Cowher’s Spit-fire Soup” or “Cleveland Sucks Stuffing Balls.”

NFL: JAN 16 AFC Wild Card - Steelers at Chiefs Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Getting to an NFL game can be difficult. In fact, sometimes it might feel almost impossible. Whether it is because of your proximity to Pittsburgh, the overall expense or the frustration of game day, you don’t have to be at the stadium to feel as if you are in the loop. In fact, this is why you should bring the tailgate to your home!

For Pittsburgh Steelers fans, there are a myriad of ways to get the game atmosphere in your own house, but every situation is different. For instance, if you are someone who doesn’t have other fans near you, get yourself ready for your own personal “homegate.” If you are someone who is lucky enough to have fellow fans who live nearby, invite them over and have yourself a game day get together by hosting a watch party.

Here is the step-by-step process to enjoy the next game at home:

Step 1: Get your game day gear on

Most will have a jersey, but if you don’t, just don your favorite black and gold gear and get ready to cheer on the Steelers! Don’t know which jersey to wear? A current player is always accepted, but there are some legendary jerseys which never get old. Dust off the No. 36 Jerome Bettis, or even the No. 75 “Mean” Joe Greene, and show up in style.

Step 2: Grab your Terrible Towel

Don’t have a Terrible Towel? Find a way to get one! Still can’t get one? Just get a gold towel and have it on hand for the big plays you are about to see. Maybe it’s a T.J. Watt sack or a Chase Claypool touchdown. Doesn’t matter, twirl your towel with passion, but also responsibly when near others!

Step 3: Set the menu

All good parties typically have good food, too. Sure, you can have the typical game day food, but why not make it more interesting? Try matching the food with the opponent, or better yet, try some unique recipes with hilarious names. Names like “Bill Cowher’s Spit-fire Soup” or “Cleveland Sucks Stuffing Balls.” There are tons of recipe names you can dream up for your favorite dishes, and it only adds to the homegate! When you think about the Steelers’ opponents, matching a recipe with the opponent is easier than you think.

Step 4: Always abide by superstition

Did you sit in the reclining chair last game? Did they win or lose? If the Steelers were losers during that last game, get ready to sit in a new seat. Did you wear your white Heath Miller jersey last week when the team won? Get ready to wear that thing until the team fails to pull out a victory. Superstitions are fun, and also a great way to feel as if you are a part of the game!

Step 5: Remain respectful

If you are brave enough to have non-Steelers fans over to your party, be respectful. That would include if the visiting fans are fans of the team the Steelers play that week. So, if the Steelers host the Baltimore Ravens, and you have a Ravens fan in your house, be nice. Light ribbing is completely allowed, but don’t go too far ... no one wants a full out brawl during the game.

Step 6: Stay under control!

Whether this involves adult beverages, or your anger levels, always stay under control. No one wants to go to a game day party and have someone punch a hole in a door because they are so angry. They also don’t want someone so drunk they can’t even stand up by the fourth quarter. Control yourself and have a good time!

If you follow these directions, there is no doubt your homegate will be a success! Want to take it to the next level? Try some of these ideas:

Take your TV outside: If the weather is perfect, rent or buy a projector and have your party outside!

Set up some games: Tip boards and number boards aren’t just for the Super Bowl. Have some fun with everyone involved! It’s a great way to keep those who might not be that interested in the game engaged.

Make it a season: Don’t just do this for one game; see if your group wants to rotate houses depending on the games. This will create a new environment, and not always put the pressure on one house to always host.

So, even if you can’t get to a live game, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time with your own homegate. Follow the above tips and you’ll find the scene at home can be just a great as the scene in the parking lot and stadium ... without the traffic and lines at the bathroom.

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