OMAR is the (NEW) Man!!!!

So, I loved Kevin Colbert as GM. But Omar is moving up the list hard & fast.

I read an interesting item yesterday about DJ's contract and sadly, I don't remember where (may have been a tweet). The gist of it is this. Omar signed DJ for a bit less than what amounts roughly to (likely) two years of the Franchise tag. So DJ gets a raise that is relatively team friendly equal to what the Steelers could force him to play for for 2023 and 2024, BUT doing it this way, they can guarantee him a bunch of $$$ upfront, not pay him anymore than he was to be paid for this year anyhow (substituting that with the signing bonus), keep him in the fold through 2024 AND be in a position to trade him for the next couple of years with a very attractive contract amount for another team to eat. Especially important with DJ wearing the "drop-sies halo". This is the cherry on top of the amazing contractual sundae Omar has made this off-season. If he can pull off a couple of nice drafts too, he may cause the question "Kevin Colbert who?" to appear quite a bit. As much as I will miss Kevin, hiring Omar may be the best off-season move the Steelers made. (NOTE: I also posted this on Steelers Depot)

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